Top 9 Best Foods For Your Anti-aging Diet and good health Water: Not a food, you say? consider it together. Many older people simply don...

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Top 9 Best Foods For Your Anti-aging Diet and good health

  • Water: Not a food, you say? consider it together. Many older people simply don't drink enough water because they do not feel as thirsty as they accustomed to. "Water is so underappreciated. Our bodies mostly, water. If you're chronically dehydrated, just consider what your cells seem like," says Robin Foroutan, a replacement York nutritionist. "You can't think as clearly, you get fatigued more easily, you do not tolerate heat also.

  •  Fiber: Dietary fiber grains, fruits, and legumes -- helps regulate your gastrointestinal system. which will help ease constipation, which is a problem for several older people. It can lower your cholesterol, vital sign, and inflammation. which will cause a healthier -- from things like vegetables, whole heart.

  • Salmon: A heart-healthy all-star, salmon (and other fatty fish like mackerel and sardines) are high in omega-3 fatty acids. they assist prevent heart condition and stroke. attempt to get a minimum of two servings every week. 

  •  Olive oil: A 2013 study showed a "significant" call-in "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and a rise in "good" cholesterol (HDL) among those given extra virgin vegetable oil. The experiment concluded that it helps increase your amount of the antioxidants we mentioned earlier.

  •  Blueberries:"Always delicious." says Angel Planells, a nutritionist in Seattle, "and full of various antioxidants." Antioxidants are things, like vitamin C or vitamin E, which will prevent or minimize damage to your cells.

  • Yogurt: Bone loss gets worse as you grow old. Calcium helps keep it to a minimum, and yogurt may be a good source of it. Get yogurt fortified with vitamin D, which aids within the absorption of that key mineral. Yogurt also helps you digest your food, and it's protein, too. And add some fruit, Planells says.

  • Tomatoes: Foods high in lycopene, like tomatoes, can help protect you against glandular cancer and should help prevent carcinoma, too. Cooked or processed tomatoes (like in juice, paste, and sauce) is also simpler than raw ones. Researchers believe that heating or mashing tomatoes release more of the fruit's lycopene.

  •  Broccoli: full of all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants, broccoli is high in fiber, too. It should be in everyone's kitchen, Planells says

  •  Nuts:Omega-3s, unsaturated fats (that's the great kind), fiber, protein... nuts are heart-healthy nutrition within the palm of your hand. be after five, 1-ounce servings per week.

pleurisy or pleural inflammation Chest pain does not mean heart disease. Chest pain can be caused by various reasons. Chest pain can also b...


pleurisy or pleural inflammation

Chest pain does not mean heart disease. Chest pain can be caused by various reasons. Chest pain can also be caused by pleurisy. Assistant Professor of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the National Breastfeeding Institute and Hospital, writes. Md. Abu Raihan

Due to pleurisy, inflammation of the pleural cavity inside the chest pain occurs when the patient experiences chest pain during breathing; This is called pleurisy or pleural inflammation.

The main symptom of pleurisy is the pain of hitting with a sharp knife, which can be exacerbated by deep breathing, coughing, sneezing or laughter. The pain can go to the abdomen, back or neck. Sometimes it can be like the pain of being caught in the same place.

▪Causes of pleurisy:

Infection with viruses is the main cause of pleurisy. 
•  The causes that can cause pleurisy are:

•  Bacterial infections (eg pneumonia, tuberculosis),pneumothorax,

•  autoimmune disorders (eg systemic lupus erythematosus, drug-induced lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), blood, lungs, Clotted,

•  gastrointestinal disorders (eg inflammatory bowel disease, PAT) Kriyataitisa peritonaitisa, the diaphragm down the accumulated pus), or 

•  parajibijanita fungal infections, heart surgery, chest trauma, eortika Dissection, drugs or side effects of treatment (eg methotrekseta, penicillin, iuremiya, radiotherapy, sikalasela disease, chemotherapy drugs, HIV, etc.).

Diagnosis of disease:

An accurate history of the disease and a thorough physical examination needed to identify pleurisy.

Treatment of the disease:

 There are many signs of treatment for pleurisy, such as extracting water, air or blood from the pleural cavity, whatever it is; 

For this, thoracentesis is done if the water is small or not dark; And if the water is high or dark or there is mass, air or blood, then a tube thoracostomy is done. Paracetamol, ibuprofen or other NSAIDs or narcotic analgesics may be used to alleviate symptoms, such as pain relief, and codeine-based drugs may be used to reduce cough; Bronchodilators can be used if there is oxygen and bronchospasm when breathing. In addition, root causes can be treated.

Patient to do: 

When a patient experiences mild chest pain with shortness of breath or sudden acute pain such as stabbing in the chest and continuously aggravates or has no symptoms of cough or cough with pain, should not go to the obstetrician without wasting time. .

One of the important things to know about "antibiotics" What is an antibiotic? Antibiotics are medications that destroy bacteria, ...

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One of the important things to know about "antibiotics"

What is an antibiotic?

Antibiotics are medications that destroy bacteria, fungi or parasites or destroy their toxins. Antibiotics are a widely used drug in many bacterial diseases.

What is antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic resistance refers to the deterioration of the effectiveness of antibiotics, that is, if the antibacterial resistance was developed against a drug that was once susceptible (meaning that the drug could kill the bacterial toxins), but it could not cure the virus.

That is, the qualities that are supposed to be medicated for a particular germ are fine and have been preserved properly but after all, it can no longer work against that germ!

If a germ becomes antimicrobial resistant, then it is simply called becoming a drug resistant. This means, then, that no common medicine can work on that germ. Now, naturally, the question will arise why become a registrant.

When an antibiotic enters our body, various germs or viruses produce antibodies against it, meaning that the germs develop immune system against antibiotics. As a result, they stop working temporarily and our bodies begin to recover. But germs or viruses still remain in the body through antibodies.

Now if we stop eating antibiotics in that state, then the germs will return to their previous state and cause disease again. But the problem is if you now eat that antibiotic again, it will not work anymore.

Do you know the reason? That is why the previous antibodies remain in your body. Then the germs develop resistance against antibiotics from the very beginning, then antibiotics of that group no longer work. Even those antibiotics will never work in your body again. So what we should do is to complete the entire course whenever antibiotics are given.

Do you know what harm will happen if these germs become drug resistant?

1) Commonly used antibiotics will no longer work on them.

2) New drugs have to be developed which are a long-term process and a threat to the entire medical field.

3) Treatment will be expensive and complicated, in many cases beyond the reach of the general public.

4) The treatment will not be effective, the patient can be infected for a long time and can easily infect others.

5) Big surgeries, organ transplants that are now effortless, will become complicated and risky.

Causes of antibiotic efficacy:

▪Because of antibiotics when needed without the doctors advice.

▪ Use of antibiotics when it is not right ie without proper dosage or use of proper antibiotics or use of antibiotics even when not needed. Then the bacterium will bring some such mutations against the antibiotic, so that antibiotic is no longer effective.

▪Now the question may be, will the changes in the germ of one or a persons body, will all that germ in one area change? How is it? The answer is that the change will come about.

▪Because the bacterium is resistant to changes in its genetic code, the germ can spread this genetic code among other germs or spread an extra genetic code in the environment.

What to do:

As suggested by WHO-

- Use antibiotics at the dose and time prescribed by your doctor.

- Ask the doctor which antibiotic is given.

- Antibiotics are not required in the treatment of colds and coughs and diarrhea, for which liquid drinks and rest are sufficient.

- Antibiotics given for illness in the past cannot be used again without the advice of a physician.

Possible side effects:

DiarrheaDid you know that taking antibiotics can cause you to have diarrhea? There are both good and bad bacteria in our body system. Antibiotics not only destroy bad bacteria but also harm some good bacteria, and antibiotic-related diarrhea occurs when the balance of good and bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract is disrupted.

NauseaThis side effect is commonly seen in all medications. So eat less medicine from now on. Of course, complex illness is different. But its not okay to be overly busy with a little sickness.

In that case, eating habits or lifestyle changes can make you healthy.

Suddenly Heart Palpitation causes and how to stop About Heart Palpitation Our heart works irresistibly from birth to death. The corpulent bl...

Heart Palpitation, cases, treatment, symptoms, problems, disease

Suddenly Heart Palpitation causes and how to stop

About Heart Palpitation

Our heart works irresistibly from birth to death. The corpulent blood containing carbon dioxide is deposited on the right side of the heart and goes left to the lungs to become pure. This pure blood rich in oxygen flows all over the body with aorta.

The continuous contraction and expansion of human heart is the world's best rhythmic dance that gives life the speed. Let's live another name. We generally do not feel that this is the contraction and expansion of human motivation.

The heart gets compressed and stretched between 60 and 100 times in a minute, which is more commonly known as Palpitation. When a heartbeat is felt, it is called pulpitation. A fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat is what can be said to be the pulpitation. 43% of polypatias are due to heart problems, 31% due to mental illness, 10% for various reasons and 16% for unknown reasons.

It's hard to find people who do not feel pampered or chewed or cheated in the chest Pulpitation can be due to thousands of complex problems such as general tension or extra tea / coffee from lung cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the cause of treatment. If you start treatment by searching for a reason, you can save time, money and time along with a quick recovery.

Causes of Palpitation:

1. Palpitation
2. Excitement
3. Anxiety
4. fear
5. Less rest / sleep
6. Get extra tea / coffee
7. Smoking, drinking
8. Before participating in any examination
9. Extra work
10. Fever
11. Anemia
12. Wateriness
13. Irregular heartbeat
14. Heart Disease Errors (ASD; VSD)
15. Heart problems of the heart
16. Rapture
17. High blood pressure
18. Ischemic heart disease
19. Heart fever
20. Diabetes
21. COPD, asthma
22. Thyroid disease
23. Kidney disease
24 Phiocramocytoma
25. Lung cancer
26. Any complicated disease
27. Side effects of medication
28. Unknown cause.

When is medical emergency:

Palliations do not necessarily require medical attention. If you have problems with palpitation , you need fast and urgent treatment-

1. Chest pain or shortness of breath
2. Become unconscious
3. Almost time headaches
4. The head is light
5. Dizziness
6. Suddenly sweating.

Our Risk:

Chest pain / shortness of breath
To be unconscious or
It's almost time to headache or
Head light / stand or
Suddenly sweating


The doctor prescribes necessary examinations considering the characteristics of polypitation, stability, past / present presence of any other disease, physical examination. 

Generally the tests that are required-

1. ECG
2. Blood CBC
3. The amount of glucose in the blood
4. Serum creatine levels
5. Routine urine test
6. Chest X-ray
7. Thyroid test
8. Echocardiography

On the basis of the results of these primary examinations, the doctors can request other examinations. Such as halt monitoring, VMA, abdominal ultrasonogram, CAG, Citcin etc.


Two chapters of Palpitation treatment-

1. Wellness assurance and

2. Treatment of causes

As well as ensuring the well-being, treatment requirements for polypitalation are needed. In addition to using regular medicines under the doctor's supervision, try to live according to the advice.

How to stop  if you have Palpitation:

1. Reduce tea / coffee drinks

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Work with structural and practical plans

4. Do regular exercises.

5. Record the nature of polyposition, durability and dimension. Show this record to your doctor.

6. If you are in danger with polypatiation, consult a doctor quickly.

7. If you know the cause of Palpitation, avoid it and treat it.

8. Slowly, work on time as planned.

9. Do more than one work together.

10. Do all the work continuously.

11. Exclude additional competitive lives.

12. No need to memorize any trouble, write down the necessary information.

Last word:

People's life span is limited. There is no chance to live forever on earth. There is no chance of correcting the actions of the past. Life is one. So planning, doing consistently, keep the head cool and do all the work on time. If there is any physical / emotional problem, then try to live a normal life with the advice of Chikitsak and self-effort. In this way, you can enjoy a happy life away from thinking. Whether our life is palpitation free.

9 Types of eyes problems and that cases blindness         Different problems in eyes Eye is a sensitive sensitive organ, which helps me see ...

9 Types of eyes problems and that cases blindness

       Different problems in eyes

Eye is a sensitive sensitive organ, which helps me see this beautiful world, enjoy its appearance. The greatest damnation of man's life is not seen in sight. A statistic shows that about 18 lakh people in Bangladesh are blind, whose main causes are described below -
                       1. Cataract

The transparent lens behind the eye cornea and ireis is apocalyptic due to aging and other reasons. Being transparent in this transparent lens is called cataract disease. For all the reasons that cataracts are due to the eyes-

1. Due to age

2. The injury is due to the losses

3. Due to Diabetes Disease

4. UVITs (due to disease

5. Due to uncontrolled steroid use.

Slowly disappearing vision, changing glasses, showing rainbow in the light of the light, seeing one thing two or more, sight spots in sight, dark eyes, etc. may be symptoms of cataract disease.

Old cataracts may also cause pain in the eye. Cimmune diseases can be cured due to catarrh disease. Cataract is not a remedy for any medicines. Cataract treatment is to be done through surgery.

       2. Vision energy problems

(A) Presbyopia

It is not an eye disease. In forty or more busses, the structure of the eye changes due to the presence of the buses. The elasticity of the eye lens decreases. As a result, the ability to change the size of the lens decreases and shows the blurred thing near that age.

(B) Myopia:

These patients are seen to be far away from the blurred vision, but they are called viscosity. It is possible to solve the problem after wearing a concave lens or a minus power glasses. People who have eye-lens power more than six diaphrasic lenses and when they get older, they are called pathological myopia.

In that case, the eye walls or skins become thinner and the holes in the retina can occur and subsequent retina separation can cause irreparable damage. Because of the size of the eye in Mayopia, the eyes wall becomes thin.

There may be many problems arising due to a slight injury. Therefore, menopause patients should always be cautious about eye catching and regularly examining eye examinations and routine inspections by doctors at regular consultation.

(C) Acetagmatism

It is a kind of vision shortness, so that the vision disappears on the one side of the patient's side (long side, width or angle), because of which vision can be seen and the headaches are two things visible. The cylinder lenses are used to solve this problem.

           3. Netrilal inflammation

This is a very common disease in our country. It always gets water from the eyes and pressing the coconut corners causes bad smell.

Due to frequent obstruction of the tissue, the tissue that is stored in the swelling swelling and bacterial infection causes inflammation. In antibiotic treatment, this disease is temporal but it is likely to be repeated.

In this case, the nerve connectivity with the netralalis was established through DCR operation. It stopped reading the patient's water.

                  4. Conjunctivitis
A eye with conjunctivitis, eyes disease , eyes problems

It is a very infectious disease, so that the eyes become red, swelling and redness in the eyes. One can spread from one to the other. It can cause viral disease in the next bacterial infection.

Using sunglasses in the sun, giving frequent antibiotic drops to the doctor's advice and eye care does not prolong the disease. It should be remembered that sometimes with this disease there may be inflammation of the eyes or the black king. In that case, there may be pain and pain, but in spite of regular consultation with eye doctor should not be used in the eyes.

        5. Corneal ulcer or eye wheezing

A eye with corneal ulcer, eyes problems, blindness
The main cause of blindness in the country is due to various causes of blindness or ulcerative colitis in the country. The cause of the injury is the main reason.

Usually in the rice harvesting season there is a sharp injury in the cornea after the eyes have a sharp sharpening of rice. In addition to the lack of vitamins "A" due to malnutrition in children, the black king of the eye first dried up and later became ulcer. 
This is one of the reasons for the blindness of children in our country. There may also be ulcers or lesions in direct infection of the germ in your eyes for some reason.

                     6. Glucoma

Closure glucoma ,eyes disease

It is a disease of the eye that increases the eyesight, and the nerves of the back becomes void and gradually the eyes turn away. Glaucoma is one of the main causes of uncertain blindness in Bangladesh or the world.

This disease can occur at any age. When born with a very large eye and high eye, it is called congenital glucoma or hypertension.

In young age, it may be called Juvenile Glucoma. Most glucoma diseases are after 40 years. Their primary glucoma is called.

Glaucoma may be due to changes in the structure of the older eye, birth defect, injury, eyes redness, diabetes mellitus, uncontrolled steroid or hormone therapy, cataracts, etc.

Patients can come to the doctor with various symptoms. Sudden abnormal pain in one eye, loss of vision, severe headache and nausea can occur.

Again, the feeling of light eyes and headaches (especially in low light) and intra-vision can reduce energy. On the other hand, patients may come to the doctor even after changing the eyesight of both eyes, and changing the glasses.

Sometimes, blacks on one side of the misery, cataracts, red eyes, etc. may be the symptoms of this disease. Cervical large eyes, eyes from eyes to eyes, and eyes closed in light can be signs of birth glucoma. Normal eye pressure (10-21) mm Mercury If there is abnormal eye pressure, diagnosis of glucoma through all the tests, quick treatment.

                        7. UVitis
UVitis pic of eyes problems

To control eye nutrition, there is a layer or layer full of vascular, which is called UVA or vasculular coat. This vascular coat inflammation is called uveitis. This disease can be due to eye irritation, microbial infection, connective tissue or joint disease. 

Pain in the eye, eyes become red, unable to go to light, headache, blurred vision, etc. may be symptoms of this disease. Diseases of the disease are very common in the children's diagnosis of symptoms, which are very late.

This disease may also be present in conjunction with connective tissue diseases, arthritis, lung disease, kidney disease, and sexually transmitted diseases.

If the treatment is not done on time, eyes can become blind due to cataract disease, eye-related diseases (glucoma), retinal disease etc. due to this disease. With the advice of doctors, this disease requires urgent medical attention.

The most important medication is using homatropin or atropine eyedrop, which can reduce pain and inflammation two or three times. Steroids and antibiotic drops can be used in the symptoms and presentations of the disease.

Of course, other diseases of the body (with which there is a relation of IVV) are to be treated. If necessary, you should consult the specialist for the disease of medicine. Remember, this disease is very good in accelerated treatment.

Due to the use of atropine eyadrop, the patient may see temporary blurring, but later it is cured. Without a doctor's advice, no medication can be given or stopped, the disease can have a complex shape.

                      8. Eye tera
Eye tera, eyes redness

Eye muscles help the eyes position on a particular side. With the help of muscles, we can move the eye around. For some reason, when the muscles become weak, they are curved upside down. This is called terra eyes.

Due to muscular disorders, neurosurgery, injury, etc., eyes can be seen. Eyesight can be seen in children's eyesight, and eyesight may be sightless and lazy eyes to be seen.

One thing can be two signs of sight, sight, headache, etc.. Initially, eyes sometimes appear but slowly it takes a permanent shape.

It is important to find out the reasons and types of treatment. Speedy medical care is important for children. Many eyeglasses of children can be straightened out of eyesight by wearing eyeglasses. 

Some eyes can be started in the eyes of the eye with a scratchy eye. In the case of perspective, in many cases the operation of bended eyes is chosen as a treatment. Eyelashes can be seen in children in the early stages of retinblastoma. It is a good idea to have regular eye-doctor consultation and eye examinations.

         9. Oculopharyngeal disease
Eyes disease, eye-related

(A) Bloheritis:

It is an eyebrow or hair follicle in the eyelid. Eyes closed in the light, swallowing in the eye, etc. may also be felt. With the advice of the doctor, it is possible to prevent frequent intercourse of the eye (such as clearing the hair of the head's hair) and medicines.

(B) Tocis:

It is the disease of eye muscles. It dropped down the eyes in the eye. This disease can be due to injury, neural weakness, old age. If the problem is too much, it is possible to treat it in some cases through surgery.

(C) Cheeker Anjali:

It is located at the beginning of the hair follicle, The swelling of the protein in the form of swelling swelling through the infection. It causes acute pain in the eyes and the hair starts swelling. In the advice of the doctor, it is better to use hot sauce and medicines. Barbeers should be tested on their diabetes blood glucose levels.

(D) Meva:

Swelling like painless tumor inside the eyelids. It is the long-term inflammation of the albumin glands located inside the eyelid. It can be done through operation. May be repeated due to lack of vision. In that case, the eyeglasses can be given if there is vision test and lack.

In your article titles I said - are you really affected by impotence? Or the mind is wrong! I hope the matter is cleansed completely. After reading the thick text, if you feel that it was your emotional weakness, then at the moment, at the moment, remove all from the mind and remember that there is no problem with you, you are a healthy healthy man.

If you feel you have some problems then take treatment today by not getting late and contacting a well known doctor.

Nose bleeds reasons and how to stop nose bleeding quickly Nose bleeding Nose bleeding isn't a disease; Rather it's single of the sym...

Nose bleeds, nose bleeding, causes, symptoms, reasons, treatment, remedies, nose cancer, nose problem, diogenes, nose disease

Nose bleeds reasons and how to stop nose bleeding quickly

Nose bleeding

Nose bleeding isn't a disease; Rather it's single of the symptoms of numerous diseases. Nose, ears, throat, and other diseases of the body can also cause blood to be nose. It can be at any age. It can be on either side of the nostrils or on both sides. In most cases, it can be seen as a common problem, but sometimes it can be a life risk.


The problem of blood circulation through the nose is thought as hemorrhage in medicine. Typically 60% of people are facing the problem of blood insertion in their nose at some time. Of these, at least six percent of doctors and hospitals have to be discharged.

Reasons for blood transfusion

Can cause blood to flow through the nose for varied reasons. In several cases, bleeding problems occur without none reason. It is called idiopathic or unknown cause.
Usually, due to spatialreasons or native, general causes or different  disorders will cause blood to flow through the nose.

● Local or spatial factors include-

Hurt: Any kind of injury that takes a nose Such as fights, road accidents, tricks with fingers or anything else inside the nose, operation injuries inside the nose, any kind of chemical or excess heat, excess pressure on the surrounding air in the blast.

● Different types of nose infestation. For example,

* Chronic rhinitis or frequent flux

* Sinocytitis or sinusitis

* Adenitis or adenoid gland inflammation

* Atropic rhinitis

* Rhenosporidiosis

* Tuberculosis or tuberculosis

* Diphtheria

* Missiles

* Commonly like viral flux, such as influenza.

● Nose Different Tumors For example,

* NGOfibroma

* Nesopharyngeal cancer

* Heman jioma

* Inverted papiloma

* Sarkomas etc.

● Other: There are some more reasons for the locality-

* The bone in the middle of the nose is bent extra.

* Holes in the center of the nose.

● Physical factors include-

* For high blood pressure-elderly people, this is due to the problem of blood transfusion with nose.

* Heart Failure.

* Anemia - when it is very high.

* Jaundice or liver inflammation
Liver disease like liver cirrhosis
Different types of blood diseases,

 such as 
* Eplastic anemia

* Hemophilia

* Fatty deposits in atherosclerosis or blood vessels

* Thrombocytopenia

* Parpura

● Birth defects

The blood vessel may have some birth defects, but blood can be passed through the nose.

● Medicines

Aspirin, clopidagraal, heparin-like blood is used for lactation-some drugs that may cause blood to flow.

● Where there is more bleeding

The lower part of the nostrils is more bleeding than the lower part of the screen. Here, four blood vessels have formed a blood clot, which is known as Kiselbacks Plaquesas. For any reason, if this blood vessel is damaged, then there is a lot of bleeding with a nose if it gets damaged.

nose bleeding quick home remedies

Do not be nervous in the blood by the nose. There are many small blood vessels in the nose so much blood can read. Many people are nervous after seeing blood. It is difficult to cope with the situation when you are worried.

* Hold down the blood for 6-10 minutes by holding finger.

* Freeze the nose with cold ice.
Clean the nose well.

* Measure the blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure history. If you need to use blood pressure medication.

* Even after the blood is not stopped, the patient should be taken to the nearest hospital and consult a nose, ear, throat specialist, and if needed, stop nostrils with antiseptic cream and yard.

nose bleeding medical term

What is the reason for blood circulation and treatment is to be given. It can be closed very quickly when bleeding from the front of the nose, but it takes a lot of time to stop bleeding from the back or inwards in many cases. In some cases blood tests, X-rays, CT scans. Generally, the blood vessels responsible for bleeding through nasal endoscopy (electrocontrol or chemical cutter) are closed. If older people have to be treated with hypertensive epistaxis.

In this article titles I said - are you really affected by impotence? Or the mind is wrong! I hope the matter is cleansed completely. After reading the thick text, if you feel that it was your emotional weakness, then at the moment, at the moment, remove all from the mind and remember that there is no problem with you, you are a healthy man.

We hope this articale will helped you.