Breast cancer should be done in rapid detection : In recent times, due to global cancer, one of the main causes of female death, breast ca...

Breast cancer should be done in rapid detection|breast cancer | cancer | breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer should be done in rapid detection :

In recent times, due to global cancer, one of the main causes of female death, breast cancer and tragic halo, these numbers are increasingly increasing.

It is said that 1 in 9 people are at risk of getting infected with this mortality during their lifetime.
It is hazardous but true that if breast cancer is detected early in the initial stage, then it is almost completely cured by proper treatment.
Early detection of breast cancer diagnosis is extremely important at the earliest and accurately.
Because the initial stage can be evaluated and as many patients are treated properly, the higher the chance of long life and long life.
But there is a need to be aware of the necessity of proper treatment and breast cancer treatment.

What to do:

Self Breast Examination:
Every woman should have her own breast exam after 20 years of age. Those who are regular menstrual, monthly at the end of every month, and whose irregular menstruation or Tuzara (Post menopausal) they will be tested on a specific date each month.
Standing in front of the mirror, holding two hands on both sides and waist, then changing the angle of hearing on the head (eg, size changes, toll in the skin, nipple in, inside the wheel, etc.) should be seen in the right hand with the right hand fingers and left breast You should see if there is any work on the right breast with the fingers of the left hand.
Learn the whole process from a breast surgeon or a physician or trained health worker. If there is any such thing, then consult a doctor quickly.

Clinical Breast Examination by Breast Examination by the Doctor):

- Tested by a special doctor. At least once in three years from 20 to 40 years.
At least once a year for 40 upright women.

● Imaging Memeography:

 At least once a year (especially those who are at higher risk, such as breast or ovary cancer for family history, at least once in three years after 40 years of age.
The women of less than 35 years of age are made.

● MRI:

If the young Ragy has a pakirika history. If you have implants. Biopsy or FNAC to determine the type of breast (Lobular Carcinoma)

It is possible to determine the condition of the cancer by examining the pieces of flesh with a piece of flesh cut and cut into the skin. This method is most commonly used now.

The juice is tested with a swine. However, in many cases it is not possible to determine the routine. Being a knee does not mean it is cancer. However, if the pain or pain in the breast is felt, then the treatment needs to be consulted.

Especially those who are at higher risk of breast cancer. Therefore, we should be very careful not to neglect them.

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