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Chronic Kidney Disease and Treatment Options | Kidney failure-treatment

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Blood furifier

Chronic Kidney Disease and treatment options

We have two kidneys to look like beetles. The amount of the hand is the amount, the amount of its volume. Its position near the center of the back, just below the rib cage.

Kidney does two blood filaments. Kidney works like strainer or filtration. These filtration works in very fine units of kidneys. The names of these units are Nephron. One kidney has 10 million nephrons.

Removes the body and excess water, which emits as urine. The urine flows through the urine, which is deposited in the urine.

There is a lot of blood flow in the kidneys. About one thousand 200 milliliters of blood per minute flows through two kidneys. From 120 to 125 milliliters per minute filtered with kidney, this rate is called glumularity filtration rate (GFR).

The nephron is the fake blood vessel or the capillary gland glaucoma. The gluten fluid is filtered by these numerous fine capillary nets.
Normal GFR (120 to 125 milliliters / minute), adult gluten-free filtrate is prepared from 175 to 180 liters per day, from one in five to five liters of urine goes out as urine.

Bleeding caused by body tissue breakdown and food metabolism is produced in blood.

After taking the body which is needed from the food, the waste comes into the blood. If this kidney does not take away the waste, it will be stored in the body, the body is damaged.

Kidney disease begins when the kidneys that are fine inside the kidneys, the work of purifying the blood, and their damage. It has been found that, for years to come, this loss gradually started to suffer.

The two kidneys are never damaged. Sometimes symptoms are not there, so the patient does not realize that he is suffering from kidney disease.

Why kidney failure or 'kidney failure' occurs?

It was said that Nephron was hit by it. Nephrone damage can happen suddenly, perhaps for injuries or for poisoning.

In most cases, nephrons tend to be wasted slowly and silently. Maybe a few years later, the patient may realize the loss, the damage in it has happened.

The main reasons behind kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. And if anyone has kidney disease in the family, then it is also a big risk.

■ Diabetes

If diabetes, the body can not use glucose well. Glucose is instead of metabolism, and blood remains in the blood. If this happens, then the nephrons are destroyed. It is called 'diabetic nephropathy'. So diabetes can prevent kidney disease by controlling blood sugar control.

■ High blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause damage to small blood vessels of kidneys. The damaged blood vessels can not erase the blood from the blood. Doctors can give red blood pressure medicines. It may be ACE inhibitor or ARB medication.

Reduction of blood pressure again protects the kidneys - doctors like to choose such medicines. It is like the HBL in the United States, those who have diabetes or kidney function decreases, their blood pressure should be below 130/80.

Some diseases of the kidneys may be inherited, perhaps even in families. If any of the family has any kind of kidney problem, then there may be a risk of kidney disease.

Why is healthy kidney essential?

▪ Kidney extracted from two bloods, leaving them as waste and excess water and urine.
▪ Blood electrolyahas and water protect their balance.
▪ Maintains blood pH.
▪ Produces a hormone called erythrophytin, which is an important responsibility to stimulate blood and form red blood cells.
▪ Creates Rainy - This hormone's job is to control blood pressure.
▪ Calcitrazol generates - The function of this hormone is to help in the control of blood calcium.
How to know the risk of kidney disease can be known.
If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, parents, siblings, or any of your kidneys, then you should consult a doctor. If you try to prevent early detection of kidney disease, it will play a role in saving lives.

How does the doctor understand the disease of kidneys?

Pre-condition of kidney disease is pre-conditioned. Hypertension is silent, there is no symptom. There may be a disease, but it is not known - because the body is not sick.

》Take some tests

● Check blood quality creatinine. From this, the rate of glaucomer filtering can be ascertained.
● Determine the presence and quantity of proteins in the urine. If the protein is high, it should be understood, kidney is not working well.
● Check blood pressure properly.

Need the right treatment
Kidney disease is not very good at all. However, if the kidneys are in the early stages and then take some steps, it is possible to keep kidneys for two long days. It should also be ensured that the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced, because kidney disease is more likely to be such a problem.

If you have diabetes, you should see blood glucose again and again, so that it is in control. Let's go to the doctor to know the latest progress of treatment. Then take the necessary advice.

● Those whose kidneys are weak, their blood pressure should be in complete control. ACE inhibitor or ARB can be one of the most common medicines. Must be kept under the blood pressure 130/180.
If kidney becomes inactive,
If the kidney becomes completely nutritional, then it can be said that it can not be refuted by end-stage renal disease (ESRD). If the activity of the kidneys is almost completely stopped, then the excess water and waste in the body will be accumulated. It is called 'urimia', bourge urea will increase in blood.

The hands and feet will swell. Blood wants to be free of pollution; But at the time it can not The patient's body-mind is weak, tired. If the blood urea quality of blood is increased, if the treatment is not increased, then the definition will disappear, it may also lead to death.
If kidney is disabled, then dialysis or kidney transplantation is necessary.


There are two types of dialysis.

1. Hemodialysis

The blood is transmitted to such dialysis through a machine that scratches the waste. Clean blood comes back to the body. Hemodialysis is done in the Dialysis Center for three to four days a week, three to four hours.

2. Peritoneal dialysis

The fluid is sent in the belly. This liquid substance is called 'dialysate', the waste material brought from the blood. After a few hours the excretory dialysis of the body becomes extracted. Then a new bag of dialysis should be placed inside the belly. If you learn, the patient can use Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) itself. Dialysis is changed four times a day.

Replace kidneys

Gifted kidneys can come from anonymously donor or from someone who has recently died. Even the living person, even from a relative The kidneys that will be taken will fit in the body of the recipient.

The more donated kidneys can be compared to the body of the recipient, the less likely the refusal of the body will be reduced. Necessary medicines may also be necessary to handle the body's immune system.

Many organizations in Bangladesh treatment kidney disease.

Kidney diseases are treated in the      •National Kidney Foundation            •Hospital, Dialysis Unit and              •Nephrology Unit Bardem,                •Department of Nephrology,              •Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib            •Medical University, Dhaka              •Medical College, Chittagong            •Medical College and many more.

We must follow some of the rules to keep kidneys good.

1. Every day, eat 7-8 glasses of water.
2. Never keep urine down. It has the fear of having an infection.
3. Do not eat any medicines, especially painkillers and antibiotics, without consulting the doctor.
4. If you are over 40 years of age, check at least once a year for diabetes and blood pressure.
5. Keep it under control if there is diabetes or blood pressure.
6. Examine the pubic micro-albumin twice a year.
7. Avoid eating outdoors foods and any soft drinks.

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