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Hypertension(high blood pressure ) increase | sudden increases blood pressure -symptoms


Suddenly increased blood pressure

It depends on people's daily activities, body positions, emotional status, etc. Blood pressure changes even during day and night (blood pressure is usually low when lying in deep sleep and blood pressure is higher in the morning). There is a variety of blood pressure measurements measured in one minute interval. Different regulators like rest or exercise, tea, coffee, cigarette etc. have an impact on blood pressure.

Therefore, to get an idea about the blood pressure of someone- in sitting, in Relax mode, a specific time of day (for example, afternoon) blood pressure will be measured. Blood pressure is energy; That is, in the power that blood flow through the artery. Due to high blood pressure due to long periods of heartburn, heart attacks, stroke, and important parts of the body can be broken.

However, once seen high blood pressure, high blood pressure or high blood pressure patients can not be called. For this, need to measure blood pressure several times after some time and keep writing it with date and time. If a lot of blood pressure increases, then it should not be reduced to one stroke again.
Should be gradually reduced. Otherwise, there is the risk of miscarriage of vital organs such as the brain, eyes, heart, liver, kidney etc.

Increasing passing blood pressure in many cases later becomes normal. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected. If there is excessive blood pressure for a few days or a few weeks then you should be able to seek a doctor.

According to Harvard Health Publications, this sudden rise in blood pressure can be due to several reasons.

• Pain medicines (aspirin, ibuprofen national), contraceptive pills, sedimentary substances such as cocaine, amphitamin etc are taken.

• Some diseases that are harmonic.

• Kidney disease where kidney blood flow decreases.

• Pregnancy complications during pregnancy.

• Blood pressure patient who receives blood pressure pills irregularly.

• A major cause of increased blood pressure is to take extra salt. Although not taking excess salt, blood pressure increases; Even after eating habits (taking extra salt with rice), fast food and processed food - one of the main reasons for excess salt in the body.

• Apart from this, bacterial growth of the pulse increases blood pressure and blood pressure is caused due to stress.

• The heart works fast. By narrowing the blood vessel, the radius becomes slim. Thus blood pressure increased. According to the American Ayatogenic Association, 25 percent of patients with blood pressure are more prone to stress and depression when approaching a doctor. It is called white coat hypertension.

• The American Journal of Hypertension, published in 2007, said that only a cigarette was sufficient for nicotine side-effects on the blood vessels. The blood vessel becomes hard in it. Inflammation occurs in the blood circulation system, increases pulse and increases blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms:

A. Blood pressure symptoms

▪Headaches (Normally on the back of the head, regular headache after getting up in the morning, which becomes good after a few hours)

▪Head down.


▪Sexual vulnerability

▪the head is frozen.

B. Blood-related blood vessel disease

▪Blurred vision of the blood through the nose is painful (heart failure)

C. Increase in other pathogenic blood pressure

▪Kidney Disease

▪Poorness: Regular sleep, nakadaka, rash of sleep apnea during the day.

▪sudden sweating medicines received from sweater.

Other diseases associated with blood pressure:

▪Frequent urinary incontinence or chronic pedonephrhea.

▪Due to frequent urination in the night and feeling more thirsty - Urology indicates disease or endocrine disease.

▪Suddenly headache and shivering from head to sitting or sitting - Fiorcamiositta.

▪Psychological weakness, long-term steroidal medication (high levels of asthma)

▪This is used for allergy te) anyanya diseases such as diabetes, increase the amount of fat in the blood, increase in blood pressure associated with lack of physical activity.

What to do:

▪Sudden sleep suppression on the doctor's advice is increased if blood pressure increases.

▪Lose Weight

▪Eating less than body massage index or BMI under 25.

▪Do not drink or drink drugs.

▪Walking aloud for at least 30 minutes every day.

▪Eat less food.

▪Eating whole fruits and vegetables.

▪Eat more.

▪Avoid smoking.

▪Diabetes, hyperlipidemia (Excess fat deposited in the blood).

▪Do not measure dense blood pressure often.

▪Be frustrating and cheerful.

▪Trying to live a happy life with friends and family.

▪Removing mental depression.

▪Accepting high-quality medicines, do not reduce excessive amount of blood pressure.

▪Take a lot of rest.

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