Low blood pressure  Low Blood Pressure control   Low blood pressure is a condition in the human body's blood circulation system where t...

Low Blood Pressure control in human body | Blood pressure | symptoms and tips

Low blood pressure 

Low Blood Pressure control 

Low blood pressure is a condition in the human body's blood circulation system where the blood pressure of the systolic pressure is below 90 mm and the diastolic pressure is 60 mm. However, if there is a significant symptom of clinical depression then low blood pressure is observed.

Everyone has less idea about how high blood pressure can be dangerous for health. Sometimes low blood pressure can prove to be dangerous for you.

Low blood pressure causes:

There may be low blood pressure for various reasons -

1. Wateriness:

To avoid lower blood pressure, you will have to drink plenty of water. If you have a little bit of wateriness, then you should be careful about this. The more water you drink from the body, the more water will be eaten. If you work outside, eat lemon juice and saline more.

2. Pregnancy:

- The possibility of low blood pressure during pregnancy is very high. Therefore, regular blood sugar levels should be examined at this time.

3. Heart Problems:

- Some heart problems are responsible for low blood pressure.

4. Nutritional deficiencies:

- Lack of vitamin A may lead to low blood pressure. Anemia occurs due to lack of B-12 and iron, which results in low blood pressure.


- Rotating the head, suddenly getting up from sleeping or feeling unbalanced, sudden loss of knowledge or abnormal rapid heartburn Early signs of low blood pressure.

- There may also be chest pain, rapid breathing, mood swings, light fever, severe headaches and cough.

Those who suffer from low blood pressure problems, they feel tired all day long.

Low blood pressure control tips:

1. Be careful and slow down for a long time after sitting or sitting in the same place.

2. Eat light foods often. If excessive empty stomach is too much, blood pressure may be reduced further.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. You can eat salt by one pinch on the legs.

5. Keep glucose and saline in everyday foods.

Home Remedies Lower Blood Pressure:

1. Increase salt intake:

Increase the amount of salt in the food that is low in the blood pressure problem. Salt helps to increase blood pressure.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

- Regularly suffering from low blood pressure problems twice a day, soaking salt - drinking water. Or you can also eat saline.

2. Honey:

People with headache due to low blood pressure can eat honey to reduce their head. Honey will help reduce head rotation instantly.

Mix two table spoons honey in a glass of water.

- Now a pinch of salt in the water.

Now eat the honey and salt mixture. In a short time, lower blood pressure will decrease.

3. Picking:

The fruit of the bring is quite expensive. But it works as a good medicine for low blood pressure. So if those who are suffering from low blood pressure problems, keep them on the regular schedule.

- You can eat as a result of eating

- You can eat as salad with other fruits.

Blend with blade for blender and stir it. Then you can drink pomegranate juice as a juice.

4. Eat lots of water:

Many people suffer from low blood pressure problems due to water disorders. So drink plenty of water if there is a problem of reducing blood pressure.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

- You can eat lots of fresh fruit juices.

5. Tulsi leaves:

Tulsi leaves with plenty of medicinal quality are also helpful in reducing low blood pressure problems.

- Between 10-15 tulasi leaves or snack.

Mix one teaspoon of honey in the saucepan.

Every morning, eat the mixture of tulsi leaf juice and honey in the empty stomach.

6. Eat nutritious food:

Changing the habit of food reduces blood pressure problems. Put some nutritional foods in the food list. Get plenty of protein rich foods every day.

- Keep fiber foods, fish, meat, milk, eggs and lots of vegetables in the food list.

Reduce the consumption of sugar such as rice, potato, bread, potato, sugar etc.

Eat a few minutes after a few minutes. So blood pressure will be normal.

7. Avoid stress:

Blood pressure may be reduced due to excessive stress and lack of rest. So avoid stress and take adequate rest.

- Do not wake up at night.

- Refrain from thinking negative.

- Sleep at least 7 hours a day.

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