Men's 10 Health Hazards All of these can be prevented by men's health risks. Need to know for a long, healthy life. Only 10 health r...

Men's 10 Health Hazards | men health | ten top risk of men's health.

Men's 10 Health Hazards

All of these can be prevented by men's health risks. Need to know for a long, healthy life.
Only 10 health risks have occurred. According to statistics from the famous organization CDC and a few other health organizations, it is known that these diseases are more than men.

1. Heart disease

The main risk of men's health risk is not enough. And if you prefer healthier life, you will have good health.

▪You can not smoke.
▪ Do not chew tobacco, jars, gullets. If someone smokes, they can not stand beside him. If you are unable to stop, you have to move away.
▪Have a healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, fiber and fish.
▪It is better to exclude foods that are high in fat, salt more.
If there is a high blood cholesterol in the blood, if there is a high blood pressure, then the doctor should consult with the advice.
▪ Daily exercise will be part of life.
▪Healthy weight should be maintained.
▪ Exclude alcohol after drinking.
If diabetes is there, blood sugar quality should be maintained.
▪ Have to deal with stress.

2. Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading cause of men suffering from cancer.
The American Cancer Society's opinion: This is because smoking Then there are prostate cancer and cholesterol cancer.

To prevent cancer,

▪can not be smoked. Tobacco, jars, gullets can not be chewed.

▪ If you smoke someone will have to move away.

▪There will be physical exercises in daily life.

▪Healthy weight should be maintained.

▪Healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid fat foods. It is not good to have a long sunshine.

▪Use of umbrellas and headlights, sunscreen should be used.

▪Elimination of alcoholism.
Get medical advice and help for regular screening of cancer. Make arrangements for cancerous items, such as carcinogens such as arteriosclerosis, radiation radiation and air pollution.

3. Hit

According to the Centers for Disease Control CDC, the main reason for the deadly accident among men is the automobile accidents.

To avoid terrible accidents-

▪You have to wear seat belts in the car.
▪The speed limit should be obeyed while driving.
▪Do not drive with alcohol or any other addiction.
▪Sleep is not good to drive.

Other major causes of fatal accidents are collapse, slipping, poisoning. The chemical should be used in areas where air is used, mats that are not slippery should be used.

4. Stroke

There is some risk of stroke, which can not be altered, such as family history, age and clan. But there are some other risks that can change quite a bit.

▪Smoking is not okay.
▪If blood pressure is high or cholesterol is high in the blood, then the doctor should follow the treatment and advice.
▪It is better to have less saturated fat and cholesterol as far as possible in the diet. Mangalese eliminated transfers completely .
▪ Healthy weight should be maintained.
▪Exercise should be practiced every day.
If there is diabetes, then blood sugar is in control.
▪Should be excluded if drinking alcohol.


Chronic diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema are called as COPD. Thinking about the whole of the Kunic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

To prevent this disease-

▪No smoking ever. If anyone smoke, beside him, he should refrain from smoking.
▪Chemical substances and air pollution can be as low as possible, the better the Mars.

6. Type 2 diabetes

The most commonly diabetes type 2 diabetes increases blood sugar.
If you do not control it, there are many complications, heart disease, blindness, neurological diseases, kidney disease etc.

To prevent it-

▪ If there is excessive weight in the body then excess weight will be released.
▪Eat healthy, healthy foods rich in fruits, vegetables and low fat foods.
Exercise must be in daily living.

7. Flu

Influenza is usually a virus infection. Flu is not so serious for a healthy body, but the flu can have serious complications, especially those whose immune system is weak or those with chronic diseases.
To get rid of the flu, flu vaccinations should be taken once a year.

8. Accidents like suicide

Suicide is one of the major health hazards of men. In many countries, the reason for suicide among men in society is depression. If you feel depressed, it is better to consult a doctor. There is a treatment. As far as the adverse conditions are, the danger of human beings is to overcome it.

9. Kidney disease

The first complication of diabetes or hypertension is kidney failure. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you should consult the doctor for treatment and advice.

- Healthy Eating.
- Salt will eat less.
- Exercise every day
- If weight is over, weigh the weight.
Medicines according to prescription

10. Alzheimer's disease

There is no proven way to prevent this disease. 
But these steps can be taken-

▪It is good to take heart care. High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood cholesterol increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
▪Do not hurt in the head, you should see. There is a connection to Alzheimer's disease in the future with head injury, many said.
▪Healthy weight should be maintained.
▪Exercise every day.
▪Smoking abstinence.
▪ alcohol deprivation.
▪ Continue social gatherings.
▪Maintain mental fitness. Exercises to exercise in the brain, exercise. Try to learn new things.

Last word
Health risks should be taken seriously.
Risks will feel scary, but there is no reason to panic, but to do what is needed to live a healthy life.
Keeping healthy eating, being physically active, giving up smoking, keeping regular checkups and daily activities and mobility, all is well. Continuing these preventive activities will increase the chances of long, healthy living.

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