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Mental illness and treatment

There are many good reasons for people to be anxious. For example, if someone in your family does not say anything suddenly, you will be anxious if you do not return to home without closing your mobile phone without any reason. If you encounter a complex operation or a physical, mental, social threat, danger or unwanted incident in the future, you will be warned that it will be anxious to deal with it.
It is normal. Being anxious is not an abnormality, it is not a disease or a disease.

 Anchor Anxiety or enzymes can occur in two ways:  firstly, if there is any possible danger or danger of being harmed due to anxiety), even if no one becomes frightened due to a mysterious reason. Think of your child being lost or kidneyed from school, stop sending your child to school by sitting beside the school gate, or being overwhelmed or confused by the school's roof.

Secondly, there is reason to be afraid of 'because the anxiety of your anxiety is extraordinary. For example, if you have a heart attack on a young man in your flat, I still think that I have chest pain, I have a heart attack. Or, hearing about the theft in a house, hanging eight lanes in four colonic gates, not sleeping at night. Day after day you are getting sick.

In terms of psychology, anxiety or angiote are mainly of three types-

1. Generalized Angiology Disorder - Where the affected person is almost always concerned about everything.

2. Phobic Angiopathy Disorder - When experiencing anxiety over any particular object, animal, environment, situation. As many people become anxious (Agoraphobia), they avoid the crowded places. In this case, the person affected does not worry if he or she does not face the situation.

3. Panic Disorder - Occasionally sitting in bed at night, as if I had a heart attack on my own night, I would have spent my nights trying to get rid of my fantasies, without being subjected to anything or situation. In this case, there is no minimum ecological or event of anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety can be different -

• Being scary
• Irritating mood
• Get excited about a little noise
• Unrest
• Lack of attention
• Think of the wrong way
• Face-tongue drying and water thirst
• Difficulty swallowing
• Feeling uneasy
• Stomach Hollow
• Going to the bathroom frequently
• Feeling stress in the chest, difficulty in breathing
• Breathe the book
• Problems with women's problems
• Clotting of hands and feet - especially fingers in the fingers
• Headache, pain in the head, palpation of hands
• Insomnia (sleeping), suddenly wake up in fear of sleeping and be anxious
• Biting nails with teeth
• Sitting down and sitting
• Fatality
• depression
• Obsessions - Continuous and repeated thinking about something special (whether the door seen above and after bedtime has been closed)
• Causes of anxiety - avoid special objects, animals, crowds, socialism etc.
• Being sweaty, nausea
• Cool hands and feet
• Get to death, etc.

Not all signs can be found in the same person together, but different types of anxiety are seen in different times.

Anxiety or Anxiety in mental illness is healing and controllable. However, the symptoms of this disease can be reduced by using only medicines, but several procedures can be followed to completely heal, for example -

Psychotherapy or psychotherapy - with the help of a psychiatrist.

Behavior therapy.

• Relaxation technique.
• Meditation
• Self-hypnosis.
• Yoga - Every day at least twenty minutes.
• Sleep as needed.
• Changes in diet and habit of daily habits - Drink simple food and drink plenty of water.
• Avoiding caffeine-rich beverages and reducing excessive alcohol consumption.
• Anti-enzymatic medicine under the supervision of an expert doctor.
• Due to the doctor's advice - leaving the habit of sleeping sleeping without reason.

Keep in mind that for an anxious patient - the treatment method is given by selecting between the symptoms, the patient's age, and so on.
Angiopathy can lead to a severe mental disorder, such as depression, and also has enough reason for anxiety to worry about anxiety, which greatly reduces the quality of life we ​​have lived. Therefore, do not delay, adhere to some anxiety, practice some meditation, practice yoga and get help if needed.

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