Stomach pain Abdominal Pain: you need to know Causes and best Symptoms 80 percent of the population of 14 crore people living in rural areas...

Abdominal Pain: You need to know Causes and best Symptoms

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Stomach pain

Abdominal Pain: you need to know Causes and best Symptoms

80 percent of the population of 14 crore people living in rural areas live in the rural areas. Lions who live in the cities live in a lighter or unhygienic environment.
Diseases of various diseases of the body.

In most of these diseases, most people who forget about the disease are abdominal pain. If you become rich or become poor, you will never find anyone who has not had a stomach.

The prevalence of stomach disorders in Bangladesh during the summer and monsoon is much more noticeable.

Normally, we understand that abdominal pain, diarrhea, stomach ache or digestive discomfort.

The stomach ache can be divided mainly into two groups.

Firstly the gastric (stomach, pancreas, small intestine or large disorder).

Secondly the liver inflammation.

The stomach ache due to the cause of the gastric (stomach, pancreas, small intestine or large) can be divided into two groups.

1. Short-term stomach ache
2. Long-term abdominal cramps

Causes of short-term stomach aches

Mango Blood liver 3 Diarrhea

1. Ambient: Ambient Dissociation is one of the leading causes of short-term stomach ache.

Histolytica is inversely transmitted by the germ. It is basically waterborne disease. Those who are eating open or living foods where they drink or drink contaminated water, have this disease.
It is more likely to cause the disease when eating open-end street food in the city area.

On the other hand, those who leave their excrement in the rural areas or drink water from rivers and ponds, it is normal to get infected with this disease.

Symptoms of this disease suddenly appear. For example, frequent bowel movements, blood or mangers may be mixed with the toilet, it may or may not be able to sit in the toilet. Field can be closed for 20/30 times on special day.

2. Blood Disease: The main cause of bleeding is a type of bacteria called Shigela. This shigella bacterium is transported through contaminated food or water. 
The symptoms of blood glaucoma are: 
Pain with acute twisting in the stomach, fewer frequent bowel movements, blood flow with the toilet and severe pain in the anus.

3. Diarrhea: One of the reasons for diarrhea is that many types of waterborne viruses and bacterial infections in food.

Diarrhea is caused by a common rupture virus called diarrhea.
In the case of older people, cholera is one of the most common causes of diarrhea epidemic with various types of bacteria. The cholera outbreak in our country is high.

Cholera symptom is that if rice washes like a water, then it is a cholera symptom.

Due to abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, frequent dizziness and dizziness of the body are deadly symptoms of this disease. It is very important to take immediate action at this time. Other causes of abdominal pain  include gallstones, stomach inflammation, pneumonia and intestinal inflammation.

The long-term stomach acids include chronic dysentery. The lasting dose can be divided into three groups.

 Such as:

1. Iritable Baoel Syndrome

2. The stomach acne that is not food digested

3. Extraordinary bowel disease

These diseases are basically small and bigger diseases.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

IBS is more common among young or growing adults who are studying in university, or students who are young people. The symptoms of this disease are frequent bowel movements in the stomach, which is noticeable before and after breakfast. IBS is difficult for many people to have a lot of toilet or toothache.

Regardless of the difficult or soft conditions, the patient gets windy in the toilet and discomfort in the stomach. Many people say milk, polao korma and biriyani playing it is more. One of the reasons for the stomach ache is that the IBS is less likely to be healthy.

Malabsorption Syndrome is another reason for the stomach ache, if there is long-term inflammation in the ocean and fires. A large number of stomachs, white disinfecting, the food that is not digested with the toilet, the combination of the ear and the effluent of the effluent floating on the water is one of the symptoms. The symptoms of pain with twisting of the stomach, getting abdominal swelling or gradually decreasing body weight.

Inflammatory bowel disease:

It is a serious disorder. Of course, in our country less than the outbreak of this disease, this disease is more in the developed world. The symptom of this disease is mango and blood sugar, fever or fever, and disintegration of the body slowly.

People of all ages are at this disease. Colonoscopy can be properly diagnosed by this type of test and it is possible to get good treatment if given special treatment.

There may also be stomach ache due to piles of gallbladder, gallbladder inflammation, inflammation of the pancreas, and inflammation of stomach and small intestine.

Now let's focus a little bit about it:

Patients with piles of gallbladder stones and gallbladder: Patients who have acute abdominal pain due to gallstones and pistillary inflammation can have severe abdominal pain.

After a few days the pain arose and it remained for a few days. Pain can be vomiting and fever. The pain is felt on the upper right side of the stomach. If the pain is acute, the patient suffers in pain.

Another reason for the inflammation of an abdominal abdominal epidermis is that the pancreas or pancreatitis is a large organ or organ that is located in the back of the stomach.

Depending on the fires, digestion of digestion and digestion of blood in the blood. If there is inflammation of the short-term fires, it is called acute pancreatitis, one of which is the reason.

1. Roast it.
2. Bile or gallstone stones and
3. Addiction to alcohol

In most cases, gentle or moderate pain becomes better. However, delays or negligence in many cases can lead to complex forms and even deaths can occur.

Diseases, virus infected

Stomach and Inflammation of the Stomach:

Chronic pain in the upper stomach, symptoms of Peptic Ulcer, caused by inflammation of the stomach (Duodenum) or stomach, is a disorderly disorder, which are repeatedly occurring, patients do not get cured, they do not leave the disease.

This disease can be said to be one of the causes of stomach ache. Because 12% of our people are suffering from Peptic Ulcer in our country. Those who are irregular, those who smoke more, they have more of the disease.

The symptoms include empty stomach pain, pain in the last night and long-term pain. The disease does not get cured. I want to talk about the end of this year - Anesthesia, discomfort, discomfort, weight loss - one of the reasons for this is the long-term liver inflammation.

This long-term liver inflammation forms such a shape that can lead to chronic liver cirrhosis.

Treatment of abdominal pain: -

 The patient's body of short-term stomach ache becomes very quickly free of water. Therefore, in order to prevent this condition the patient should be given a lot of food saline and it is advisable to have food saline after having a thin toilet every time.

If the patient has fever in the stomach and pain in the stomach, then the doctor should provide the necessary antibiotics on the advice of the doctor.

As the condition of the child is more than the stomach ache due to viral disease. So it is better to not feed any type of medicine to the patient without the advice of the doctor.

However, if the child's body is not water free, then every time a thin toilet is available, the child will have to eat saline. Besides, the child must continue to provide all types of food. If the child is drinking the mother's milk, it can not be stopped in any way.

Because of the long-term stomach pains, it is best to take action according to the advice of the doctor in all cases due to piles of stones, gall bladder inflammation, inflammation of the pancreas, stomach and intestinal inflammation, colorectal inflammation and long-term liver inflammation.

Many people try to get rid of such abdominal stomach through kabiraji, plantation or junk folk. It only increases the patient's vigor and also leads to a complex form of disease.

Prevention, treatment, symptoms

To prevent abdominal cramps:

1. If you have acute abdominal pain, do not be afraid to take necessary measures and consult a doctor.

2. After washing and after discharge, the hands should be cleaned with regular soap. The parents who feed the child, they will clean their hands before feeding the baby and after the baby's discharge.

3. Clean water utensils, household items and cooking items and washing clothes must be done and if necessary use soap.

4. Always use sanatorium latrines for the toilet.

5. Kitchen and bathroom sanitation should be kept healthier.

6. Those who live in the villages, where they have to avoid habit of habitat in the river or by the river pond.

7. Without having to walk barefoot or in the bathroom, the habit of using sandals or shoes will always be developed.

8. Use water for boiling water and water purification tablets if water is not used to feed.

9. Foods made for meals and water for drinking will always be covered.

10. Older, indigenous or stomach foods can not be eaten.

Remember, awareness of the prevention of bowel disease is the biggest way. You will be able to get rid of abdominal pain if you are aware of personal hygiene, drinking, drinking, sanitation, and above all.

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