Gallstones problem Gallstones:you need to know causes, symptoms and best treatment Gallstones are very big problem for human. This disease i...

About Gallstones:you need to know causes, symptoms and best treatment

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Gallstones problem

Gallstones:you need to know causes, symptoms and best treatment

Gallstones are very big problem for human. This disease is seen in people of almost every country. Its spread throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Australasia is noticeable. Most seen in Sweden at 38 percent. In the USA, UK, Australia, it is found that between 15 and 25 percent is available. The lowest rate is only 5 percent in Ireland. The rate of this disease is twice as high as female. Respectively, from 89 percent to 73 percent. In Africa, the rate is very low, less than 1 percent.

Types of gallstones

The causes of the gallstones are divided into two categories namely-

(1) Old-born causes such as inflammatory, metabolism, stagnant

(2) The present reason respectively 

(a) cholesterol stone
(b) black colored stones 
(c) brown colored stones.

(A) Cholesterol stone: 
75 percent of the stone is classified as. Generally, the number is more. If only one stone makes it enormous.

(B) Black colored stones: 
This stone is much larger and smaller in size. Generally, these colored stones can occur when the blood is broken. There are 20 percent infections with it.

(C) Brown colored stones:
This stone is made of bile platelets.

When the stones are:
(1) Increases the tendency of the disease with increasing age.

(2) The rate of increase in the rate of birth control pills increases in women.

Symptoms of the disease:

#(1) Pain in the abdomen
There is pain in the middle of the abdomen and on the right side. This pain is light and sometimes intense. Pain stays from 3 hours to 3 days. Then it is good for 2 weeks to 6 months. Many times this pain goes to the right side of the neck. If there is severe pain, the patient is not comfortable in any condition, and with it there is vomiting and fever. The stomach hives.

#(2) hunger strike
Once after eating and will not want to eat all day long. I think it's full of stomach. There will be no taste for anything.

#(3) Jaundice
Jaundice sometimes occurs.

#(4) Fever:
 Sometimes there is severe fever. The fever comes with shaking in the body.


(1) Piththalini Puja, which is known as mpeyama.

(2) Pittathalira leakage.

(3) The Panthera gangine.

(4) Cancer

Different examination methods have made it easier to diagnose diseases.

Treatment has been divided into two categories.

Such as medicine and surgery.

▪Medical treatment: 
Patients often say that they have removed stones with medicine. In fact, there is no role of medicine in stone. So the way the stone is caught, the operation is the only treatment. The surgery is the only hope. One year the practice of gastric medicines was used for years after the introduction of stones. Now there has been a change in the era of various methods of examination, so stone treatment is no problem. The company claims to have a drug on which the stone can be melted. I do not think the claim of that company is unreasonable, but the condition that has been given there in the case of drug application is very difficult to fulfill. So do not miss out on medicines due to treatment.

▪Surgery Treatment:
 There are many types of methods now available.
 (1) Laparoscopic procedure
 (2) Stomach procedure. 
If you do not have piles for gallstones, then laparoscopic procedure is best. But it should be in the hands of the expert. Nowadays this method has been introduced.

Inexperienced, semi-experienced surgeon organizes this treatment. There is a lot of complexity in it. Do not use this machine without being experienced enough. If you do not have enough experience, do not make surgery to him. It will increase the pain, the cost will be higher, complexity will increase. It is often heard that the patient's speech laparoscopic then it takes a cut.

This is quite true. Our country's test system is inaccurate. There are many questions about ultrasound report. Experienced ultrasound has 70 percent success rate in the world. This rate is less in our country.

So often it is wrong. On this day, a woman's ultrasound in PG hospital believes that she had failed to do laparoscopy. There is no similarity to reality with the description of ultrasound.

At the same time the stomach was cut and there was stone in the gallstones and there was also stone in the bile. If the stomach had not been cut at that time then this patient would have to undergo surgery for the second time. 

However, only surgery with laparoscopic surgery can be done only if routine ERCP can be done. This custom is very loud in my country. It will save time, patients will not have the risk of surgery for the second time. This practice has been introduced in all the developed world countries. In neighboring India, they do not have laparoscopic tests without the practice. ERCP has a better side. For example, early prenatal cancer can be diagnosed.

The gallstones have accumulated, the size of the gallstones is growing, the wheels are in the right hand, the slightest pain is felt.

The operation of the gallstones with the help of laparoscopic or cut off the stomach has left the patient healthy. After 1 - 2 months, after going to the hospital with jaundice. Pancreatic cancer has been tested. Liver and other organisms have spread. What is ruthless, but when ERCP is done, the disease can be detected at the beginning. The real treatment was possible.
The patient would not have died prematurely. Therefore, give careful advice to experts, give proper advice to the experts and treat them properly for gallstones.

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