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How to Survive AIDS or HIV viruses and the best symptoms | treatment and awareness

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Save the life 

How to survive AIDS or HIV viruses and the best symptoms

Aids / HIV virus

HIV virus or AIDS is a lifelong health problem. Until now, no effective treatment of HIV / AIDS was found. The best way to prevent AIDS infections is through its prevention, treatment and education and awareness of AIDS.

What is AIDS?

AIDS could be a contagion caused by infection with HIV (Human immunological disorder Virus).
It weakens the system of the physical body.

HIV infection will result in different diseases like (pneumonia  disease), meningitis, and even cancer. The next step in the HIV infection is called Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

What is the understanding of AIDS?

The symptoms of HIV and AIDS very depending on the infection phase.

Signs and Symptoms of AIDS
In the initial stage of infection usually:
  ● Fever
  ● Headache
  ● Throat breaks
  ● Swollen lymph glands
  ● There are symptoms and symptoms of reddish rash.

The next time the infection is usually:

> Swollen lymph nodes
> Diarrhea
> Body weight loss
> Fever
> Signs and symptoms of cough and breathing etc.

In the last phase of infection usually:
   ▪ Very sweaty in the night.
   ▪ For several weeks 100
       Fahrenheit (38s) or its
       High temperature fever or
   ▪ Shouting cough and breathing difficulties
   ▪ (Diarrhea) for a long time
   ▪ Mouth or tongue bending or reading white spots.
   ▪ (pain of head.)
   ▪ See all vague and distorted.
   ▪ Feeling of severe depression.
    • Symptoms and symptoms of lymphatic swelling have arisen for more than three months.

HIV infected children:

• Do not get weight gain
• Normal growth is not possible
• Problems with walking
• Mental progress is delayed
• Ear infection, pneumonia and
General health like (tonsill)
Have a hard look at the problem.

How AIDS spreads:

▪ Through physical relationships(Sex).
▪ HIV-infected blood transfusion
By providing.
▪ Used needle and syringes
Through use
▪ Accidents occurring through the syringe
Due to
▪ Pregnant mother infected with HIV.
If, at delivery time and
If the affected mother's milking
The baby may be the disease.
▪ Body or body parts
Replace or Replace
▪Dentists with equipment or

When to call a doctor:

With the initial and subsequent symptoms and symptoms of the disease, contact the doctor.

Where to treat?

For Bangladesh -

1. Medical College Hospital
2. Infectious Disease Hospital
3. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
4. Private hospital
5. NGO-operated specialized health center

What kind of examinations may be required:

• Blood tests (ELISA and Western blot tests)
• facial mucus test

What kind of treatment do you have:

》According to the doctor's advice, medicines
Enjoy and adhere to other instructions
Will continue.
》When infected with HIV / AIDS
Life-saving method
》Do not establish physical relations
》Do not be pregnant
》Show to the expert doctor
》According to the doctor's advice, and follow the instructions.

Taking antidote :

• Balanced food like fresh vegetables,
Eat fruit etc.
• Foods that can be infected
Foods such as raw food
Refrain from eating
• Drinking pure water
• Perform regular physical exercises
• adequate sleep and rest
• (Avoid smoking )and drinking
• Hands well cleaned

How to prevent AIDS

- Establish safe physical relationship.
- Use condom.
Preventing physical relationships with anyone infected with HIV
- Dry and some needles used
Not used.
- To accept blood from someone
Whether it is HIV-infected
Check out
- Regular blood tests.
- Blade of HIV infected person
And do not use toothbrush.
- Take appropriate (care for pregnant women)
Carefully carry out your physical
Attention to protection and security
Keep it

Frequently Asked

The question 1. Why is AIDS?

Answer: AIDS is caused by infection by a special type of human immunodeficiency virus.

The question 2. Who is more likely to get AIDS?

Answer: Those who are more likely to have AIDS are:
Those who have uninterrupted physical relationships with more than one partner.
People with HIV have unprotected physical relationships.
Symptoms of Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or Sexually Transmitted Disease, like Bacterial vaginosis
Using other needles and syringes used.
Children born from the mothers of HIV-infected.

Question.3. What kind of complications can be caused by AIDS?

Answer: The following complications may occur if AIDS:
Bacterial infections
Bacterial Pneumonia
Mycobacterium avium complex or Mac (Mycobacterium Avium complex) infection
Bacillary angiomatosis

Virus infection

• Sautomagaloo virus (Cytomegalovirus)
• Viral hepatitis (Viral hepatitis)
• Human Papilloma Virus (Human Papillomavirus)
• Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)

Fungal infection:

• Candidiasis
Cryptococcal meningitis
Germ transmission:
• Pneumocystis carnii pneumonia (PCP)
• Toxoplasmosis

Cancer related complications:

• Kaposi's Sarcoma
• Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Other complications:

Body weight loss and diarrhea, chronic vulnerability and fever (Wasting syndrome)
Neurological Complications
Die death
Source: National e-Datacom

Diseases and AIDS

Although the use of crude equipment in the dentist's chamber can be infected with killer disorders AIDS.
The most dangerous and deadly disease in the world is AIDS.
The relationship of this illness with the mouth cavity is extremely deep. So it is very important to be aware of the public about this disease. Need to be aware of the horrors of this disease.
It is possible to protect yourself from the AIDS disease, if only following some common rules.

Especially the physical intercourse, homosexuality, the use of other syringes (which the drug addicts usually accept), without taking preventive measures during special relationship, blood transfusion and the use of microbiological equipment during the treatment spreads AIDS germs.

Signs of mouth cavity

Face cavity is very noticeable. 55 percent of the patients are cortisone sarcoma, especially in the mouth of the mouth (77 percent 77 percent). Among the 33 patients, this tumor causes many face cavity.

Caposys sarcoma usually:

In the absence of the situation. Shlamesh changes the color of the color and changes the color of the bluish color. However, it is often mistaken for transmigration or calcium. Monileiasis is a common cause of mouth-sucking germ.

Other diseases that appear in the mouth of the AIDS sufferers are those that are similar to scalp cell carcinocarse lymph vanebol acacia and also a significant aspect of the flora and germicidal infection of the military in the face of AIDS patient.

These microbes have been found in molecular instruments. The number of patients in the world has doubled in every 6 months. No medical treatment system has been found to cure AIDS patients till date. Death rates are also high.

The effect of the system of the nerves is that the AIDS patients are gradually dying due to the emergence of the most inefficient and incomplete scope of infection.

AIDS patient's caution in the treatment of teeth and face:

1. Dental doctors, nurses and dental assistants all need gloves, masks, ammunition and glasses for eye cover.
2. During the time of need of locally disintegration or body blood, new need for injection, especially the disposable only needs to be used once.
3. After using the equipment and before using the vacuum machine, 20 minutes in 12100 centigrade or dry heat need to be sterilized for two hours in 1600 centigrade or 30 minutes in 1000 cm of water. Ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidein as an antibiotic is useful for use.

Anti-inflammatory and germicidal inflammation:

Dangerous inflammation: This disease is usually among those infected with HIV.
Remarkable At this time, rapid inflammation of the gummy and surroundings of the surrounding location begins. An oral AIDS Center (ICSF) has been noticed that this inflammation is more noticeable in women who have been sexually transmitted in alcohol and vein.
AIDS sufferers may usually develop inflammation of the germ from the germs to the intestinal tract.

A thin red color line can be noticed in AIDS patients, which may not be plaque in the surrounding position of the grease, but may also take regular facial care.


The only way of prevention and prevention from deadly disease disease attacks is to be aware of three family members' infections and adoption of prevention measures during dental treatment, ensuring that the location of muscular needle and microbiological equipment should be ensured, as well as taking precautions in daily life, as everyone has their own religion. Comply with restrictions.

For prevention of lung cancer due to smoking and liver cancer, hepatitis B vaccine due to hepatitis B virus, such as prevention of blood, prevention of AIDS diseases or use of microbiological needle in surgical treatment or be careful during intercourse, especially drug addicts (who take pethidin injections) Do not take the needle The best way.
If there is no injury or injury in the face, it is necessary to consult a doctor if he or she does not have inflamed inflamation.

However, it is necessary to remember that prevention is better than prevention.

Blood Fertility and AIDS Virus
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) of AIDS (Acoustic Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the name of the disease. People with HIV may be healthy for a number of days. Due to the reduction of immunity to the person suffering from this disease, the disease is attacked continuously and death is the last result of his life.

AIDS disease has been detected in 1981 and since 1985, the World Health Organization recommends blood transfusion only after blood transfusion is confirmed only after screening of HIV virus is sterilized or not. So far 90 percent of AIDS patients are in developing countries.

In 2007, there were 3 million people infected with HIV in the world About 3 lakh 30 thousand of them are under 15 years of age. In 2007, 21 million people died in AIDS.

Every day in the world 6,800 people are being attacked or 283 hours per hour.

The outbreak of this disease is very high in India, Myanmar and other countries around our country. So we are very risky geographical location.

The source of HIV infection

1. By unprotected sex (male / female) / non-homosexual 73.10 percent

2. Vulnerable / Unusual Sexual Intercourse
(Male to male - 60 percent, women in females) / homosexual 0.70 percent.

3. 1.30 percent by husband and wife.

4. 8.01 percent of drug addicts in the vein.

5. Blood distribution 6.90 percent.

6. 0.80 percent of blood component receptors.

7. Other (newborns from infected pregnant mothers, mother's milk etc.)

HIV infection spreads through HIV through HIV A blood donor from a HIV-infected blood donor is likely to be infected with a blood transfusion female, male or child, 100 percent.
Due to donation of a blood donor, there is no chance of HIV infection. Because, the government-approved Transfusion Medicine Center, which is essential for blood collection, is always sterilized and used only once. The accessory was destroyed after use.

A blood donor must know whether or not he is HIV-positive, if his blood is HIV-screening. It is good to say that this screening test can not be determined directly by the HIV virus, antibodies can be determined only by the presence of this virus, the antibody that is made in the body.
It takes 2-24 weeks for the antibody to not be created immediately after entering this virus in the human body.

This period is called the virus terminus period. If an HIV infected blood donor is staying in this window period, antibodies will not be available or screening will be negatively tested, but this blood donor is likely to be infected with HIV.

Therefore, while counseling a donor, it must be very cautious about the information and if the risky blood donor or screening test is suspected, blood will not be taken from him or if it is collected beforehand, then it will have to be destroyed.

The symptoms of this disease can be seen after 3-5 years in the body of the infected person, but the symptoms of this disease in any other person affected by it may be 8-12 years or so too much later. This disease is more commonly seen in people aged 15-45 years of age.

After entering the HIV virus, the white blood cell of the blood is connected to the T-lymphocytes and enters the cell. The virus RNA then becomes DNA with the help of an enzyme. The DNA of the virus is associated with DNA of T-lymphocytes in humans.

He lives in the cell till his lifetime and produces numerous viruses, and once the cell is destroyed, it is connected to the new T-lymphocytes.
Thus, the amount of virus increases in the body of the infected person, on the other hand, the amount of T-lymphocytes decreases. As a result, the immune system decreases. Physical disorders diffuse the germs of various diseases and the affected person suffers from various diseases.

HIV virus has been infected by humans and gradually destroys the disease prevention system. As a result, normal pathogenic immune system causes various diseases such as fungal infections, tuberculosis, cancer etc.

In the weeks after the virus has entered the HIV virus, there are fluid fever, headaches, a little body pain. These symptoms last for a few days. There is no longer any symptoms for 3 to 12 years. After that, the symptoms of AIDS are seen when the immune system is decreasing.
According to the World Health Organization, it is important.

The symptoms are:

•Less than ten percent weight of body weight.
•Occasionally or have a frequent fever for more than one month.
•Having diarrhea for more than a month.
•The less important symptoms are:
Coughing for more than one month.
•Itching on the body. Often suffer from herpes zoster.
•Candida fungus in the mouth and throat.
•The herpes simplex infection spreads continuously. Lymph nodes in different parts of the body, two of the above two important and most important symptoms of swelling are found to be infected with HIV.

They may be considered to be infected with AIDS, although many other viruses have similar symptoms. The risk of AIDS if HIV-infected blood is taken is about 100 percent. Which is far more horrible than the other medium. This virus is highly sensitive, which can not survive for long periods of time.

Virus can be easily wasted with detergent, soap, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or bleaching powder. At 560 centigrade temperature 10 minutes die of HIV virus. This virus dies in 1 second of water in the water.

Circumcision to prevent AIDS
Mortality can play an effective role in preventing AIDS. (Experts at the recently concluded World AIDS Summit) said this. AIDS rates are less than those countries which have higher rate of interest in Africa.

Doctors have studied this in Africa's AIDS affected areas. However, there is a need for more detailed and intensive research in this regard. The World Health Organization says that AIDS Virus Department Director (Dr. Kevin de Cook) has expressed the opinion that HIV virus can easily penetrate the lining of the posterior region and get the chance of completion.

But if you were to be circumcised, the virus would die before it got the chance to complete the virus.
Muslims believe in religious beliefs. So everyone should be saddened for health reasons. It is important to be cautious in order to prevent deaths like AIDS. But other risks also need to be remembered simultaneously.

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