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Stroke Causes Of Brain Death and it's best tips and advice | Symptoms|treatment

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Brain stroke

Stroke causes of brain death and it's best tips and advice

Stroke treatment and stroke care unit

Every six seconds in the world, a stroke is going to die. Someone with these affected people can be your parents, siblings, relatives, even yourself. Bleeding or stroke in the brain such as personal, social and family problems, as well as many people losing their performance, is spending a lot of money.

So stroke is national and universal problem. World Stroke Day is being celebrated on October 29 every year to make the disease aware.

Stroke is termed as cerebrovascular accident in medical science. The brain's blood vessel can be called a stroke.

Blood transfusions may also be stopped in the accident, and may even burst. In our country there is an idea that stroke is a hupid disease. In reality this is not true at all. Stroke is the brain's most complexity of the blood vessels.

Why is stroke?

The main reason for high blood pressure stroke Apart from this, smoking, drug abuse, (excess tension), hudarag, diabetes, family history of stroke, increased fat in the blood, excess fat, and increased risk of excessive soft drinking.

Some medicines, which reduce the blood clotting capacity. For example, using aspirin, clipidgill etc. may cause bleeding in the brain.

This year's World Stroke Day slogan - 'Stroke Resistant Disease'

"Stroke and heart attack is not the same"

In most cases there is confusion with (heart attack) and stroke. Many people take a bleeding heart disease in the stroke or brain. Dr. Barren Chakravarty, a professor of cardiology at the Lab Heart Cardiac Hospital, said that the heart attack is in the heart and stroke brain problems.
Neurology specialists treat stroke. He said bleeding in the brain, blockage of blood circulation in the brain, and stroke due to ambulism.

Stroke can be prevented by controlling (high blood pressure), diabetes and blood fat or cholesterol. Apart from those who have an irregular heartbeat, they have a risk of brain stroke. So those who have irregular heartbeats should be treated according to the advice of any cardiologist.

How can we stand against this terrible monster?

▪ If you are good with stroke, you should do regular exercise (walk 45 minutes sweat). By exercising, a few kilograms of excess weight can be shaken.

▪ Say no to smoking and drug use.

▪ Be sunny in any environment.

▪ Keep high blood pressure and diabetes under regular medicines.

▪ Dislike fatty foods and sugar products. Fast food, nuts, sandesh-rosgolla, milk-ghee-polao-biryani, pans-shrimp-crabs, cows or mangoes, coconut or coconut foods, egg yolk etc. should not be eaten.

So what should be eat?

Any fish, wholesome vegetables, little rice, pans-shrimp-crabs apart, can eat chicken egg white.

Now look at a little treatment - each hospital will have a well-equipped stroke care unit, where doctors, nurses, therapists and other specialists will treat stroke patients with a comprehensive plan together.

It is possible to make the Astroke care unit apart from a special change without changing the existing hospital system. A stroke patient needs treatment as well as neurologists, as well as the operation of any stroke patient is very important.

In cases where neurosurgean presence is desirable. There are also many stroke patients with heart disease. In these cases, the advice of cardiologist is needed.

If you are unconscious for a long time, there are problems in breathing, bedding etc. Therefore, everyone needs assistance with respiratory medicine specialist, plastic surgeon. Physiotherapist for patient rehabilitation or rehabilitation, through various exercises, the patient's body conducts anatomy.

Many patients can not speak. They need Speechotherapy. Some people do not understand, they are taught sign language. Nutritionists are required to control nutrition if the patient is unconscious for a long time.

So, by thinking of Bangla proverb 'Ten work done, Harjeeti nahi laj',
all of them developed by hand, stroke care units in these cases, where the treatment of the integrated stroke care team will come in the treatment, the patients will be anxious, patient benefits Will heal.

Remedy to prevent stroke

One-third of the stroke is extremely dangerous, the mortality rate in the brain is 50 percent. The first 48 hours are gradually bleeding, after which bleeding stop.

Stroke is the second highest cause of death among people over 60 years of age. Every six people in the world and one in every six seconds, anywhere, no one is affected by the stroke.

Every year around 6 million people die in strokes around the world, and this number is more than the combined deaths of AIDS, malaria and TB.

What is stroke?

Stroke is termed as cerebrovascular accident in medical science. The cerebral or the brain, the vascula, means the blood vessel and accident means accidents. 
So the brain's blood vessel can be called a stroke. There is a convention in our country that stroke is a disease of the heart, in reality this is not true. Stroke is the brain's most complexity of the blood vessels.

10 causes of stroke

1. The most common causes of high stroke are high blood pressure and irregular hypertension drugs-

2. Smoke, drinks, tobacco, or gulab.
3. Extra tension or stress.
4. Hudarag, such as a heart attack, atrial filbration, replacement of valve, congenital holes in the heart.
5. Uncontrolled Diabetes.
6. Stroke's family history, men and adults are at higher risk.
7. Blood fat, excess fat, excessive soft drinks.
8. Some people call birth control pills as their cause. The complications of stroke are increased due to the complications of maternal eclampsia.
9. Certain medicines or diseases may reduce the ability of blood clotting, such as aspirin, clipidgill, etc. The brain may cause bleeding.
10. The drug addicts' bleeding rates are higher.

One-third of the stroke is extremely dangerous, the mortality rate in the brain is 50 percent. The first 48 hours are gradually bleeding, after which bleeding stop.

In most cases, these bloods dry within a month or two. The patient may die at the beginning when the blood supply is stopped by a large number of brains. In addition to the stroke, if the honeysuckle or neck bleeding is closed, then between 5 and 15 percent of the patients in the next year are likely to have a stroke again.

A small stroke patient becomes completely normal within 24 hours.

Necessary tests

As well as some routine tests, all patients must also have a CT scan test. When the bleeding causes the CT scan to appear white and if the blood supply decreases then the place is black in the city.

 The black surrounding around the affected area shows black in the eidima. This eidima gives more pressure on the brain around it. Hype acute is the first six hours of the ischemic stroke. 
During this time, many patients are not able to face any problem in the CT scan, in which case they have to be re-scanned. MRI (DWI) has a very good idea about stroke and its treatment.

To know whether there is any block in the neck of the neck, blood clots should be tested for heart problems, echo tests for heart problems. Check the blood clot trends. NegroGram also needs to be tested if needed. 

Apart from this, some markers can be seen to understand blood volume, blood glucose, and stroke tendency.
The stroke usually affects the surface of the bajellan ganglia and thalamus in the lower part of the brain, and stroke can occur anywhere in the rest of the brain.

The stroke of the brainstorm is the most dangerous, because the center of breath-breathing, hut movements and knowledge centers are located in the brain stem.

What to do if a sudden stroke?

• Lie down the patient.
• Do not eat food or medicines in this condition. Because, they cause further damage in the respiratory system.
• False saliva, vomiting, should be cleaned properly.
• Tighten tight clothes.
• Take care of the patient's medical treatment during hospital visits.

Why immediate treatment to be done?

If the stroke is stopped, then the supply of essential nutrients such as oxygen etc. is stopped for the survival of brain cells in the affected area. 
When the blood supply is stopped for more than two minutes, the nervous system is permanently damaged. A cover ring was formed around the affected area, it is possible to preserve the cover of the eye in rapid treatment.

To reduce the risk of stroke, lift five fingers in one hand, say three yes and two-

Say yes

▪ Have to do regular exercise (walk for at least 45 minutes). Let's shake a few kilograms of excess weight by exercising.
▪ Stay lively in any environment
▪ Keep anxiety away.
Will be eaten wisely
▪ Vegetables
▪ a little rice
▪ Any fish other than pans, shrimp and crabs
▪ Chicken poultry
▪ The white part of the egg can easy.

Say no

▪ Do not tell smoking, junk, tobacco or gloves.
Can not be eaten
▪ Dislike fatty foods and sugars (sweet foods).
▪ Fast Food, Nut
▪ Sandesh, sweet lentil juice
▪ Milk, ghee, polao, biriyani
▪ Pans, shrimp, crabs etc.
▪ Cow or mackerel
▪ Coconut or coconut meal
▪ Eating of egg yolk should not be eaten.

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