Important topic  About Hemorrhoid or piles and  Best Symptoms We have been known for thousands of years with hemorrhoid disease. But still t...

What is Hemorrhoid or piles and Best Symptoms

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Important topic 

About Hemorrhoid or piles and  Best Symptoms

We have been known for thousands of years with hemorrhoid disease. But still the whole thing is confusing to us, misleading and imprisoned for reform.

About of hemorrhoid or piles

There is no definite definition of piles yet the doctors know. Because the true nature of this disease is still not fully understandable.

Piles, we understand that the flesh of the swelling swelling of anus inside the anus. There are different theories about the origin of these veins. All bloodshed or 'cushions' are all humans. So in reality, we say piles or 'Hamorrhoid' only when it creates any symptoms.

For example, the muscles lying outside the anus or the blood being leaked.
Each person has three piles or 'cushion'. There may be small piles between the big piles. When the bowels hang out a bit and the blood swells with blood, then the blood gets blown out.


At the age of 30-60 years, the incidence of this disease is highest. Piles below the age of 20 are not seen too much. Identifying piles is not very easy. An experienced doctor can only detect the piles by examining the device. Sometimes it is to be seen in the toilet by the waist.

There are many doctors to send the patient to the piles; But it can be seen that Pi Anfischer, Polyp or Fistula. That is, everybody knows any type of ankle as a pylose. But there are various types of diseases here. The disease is a bit higher in men than women. 50 percent of the population above the 50-year-old population of the United States, sometimes suffers from piles problems.

Reason :

In spite of the research of a few centuries, the actual causes of the pyals were not ascertained. However, some diseases accelerate the spread of piles such as extra sputum in the bowel, irregular bowel habit, constipation, diarrhea etc.

There are other reasons for which the piles could be such as hereditary, long standing, long sleeves, heavy weight loss, pregnancy, tights, hormonal effects, lack of fennel food etc.

Best Symptoms:

Piles Classification-Two types of piles

1. External piles
In this case, there may be swelling outside the anus and may cause some pain or discomfort.
2. Internal Piles
In this case, the red blood is seen in the toilet. There is no pain. There is blood in the end of the discharge. The blood drops in the droplets and sometimes the arrow moves.

If there is more pain and irritation after having blood, then it can be analophisher or cancer. If you go to go to the blood, the patient can suffer from deep hemorrhage. The pylus can be swollen out of the anus. In that case, after the exertion, the pulsation can be inserted inside or by inserting it with the patient's hand.

When it is not pressed, it is called fourth degree pylose. Blood never goes on continuously.

First, goes once or twice a year and then goes back two months later. Then goes every month. At the end, blood often goes to blood and the amount of blood goes up.
When the blood goes to the blood or the unleashed blood goes to the blood at the beginning of the toilet, then we are suspected of cancer. However, cancer of the cervical or large cortex can be red blood.

Hemorrhoid disease best symptom and remedy

At the beginning of this disease, the patients said that

▪ They seem to be filled with semolina and there is a wheel or flesh shank inside.
▪ The problem seems to be more if sitting on or standing.
▪ There is some obstacle to abandon or leave the air.
▪ The stomach seems to have not been cleansed and the toilet has to be closed. Some of them
▪ There is pain around the membrane that can extend towards the hip or the foot.

Medical Prolapse can be two types. Partly where the mucus membrane hangs and then completely hangs with all the layers of the wall of the sea.
Treatment of the type of lipids, its operation.

However, if a patient is considered unsuitable for treatment or is not willing to do the operation then some conservative methods can be adopted.

For example,
During the discharge, the anus is placed on the top with the hand, the hip stops, the anus muscles, the ring ligation system etc.


Heart Patients Pills

There are many people who neglect piles. If someone is suffering from heart disease while having piles, then treatment of heart disease should be done before the operation of the piles.

Because after the operation of heart disease, long periods of blood clotting preventive medicine will be eaten. Then the amount of blood circulation of piles could increase hazardously.

Esprin, Dupreeen, and Ecospirin are among the preventable drugs. Many hypertension patients are also eating regular protein such as aspirin, dysprin and echospirin. These are given to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The medicines are tied to blood clots. In this case, it is very difficult to stop the bleeding of the piles. Therefore it is important to take treatment of pylus during the time of neglect.

Ankle Pain and Annal Fisher

Many people suffer from ankle pain. Anal Fisher, who is suffering from anal pain or irritation, is named after Annal Fisher. Usually, the ankle ruptures due to stool or frequent mobility. The problem is that this blow does not want to dry easily.

Again, some of the patient's wounds dry up, but after a few months, once again the stool becomes the same problem again. This disease has seen a patient year after year even 30-40 years. The symptoms of this disease vary greatly. After some discharge, some irritation is burnt and it lasted for 5 to 15 minutes.

Again, sometimes the pain becomes intense, and for several hours even the entire day continues. Some people have their heads. There is no pain in the long lasting anal fissure. Youth and youth are more than Both men and women have the same disease.

What's the reason?

This is usually due to constipation or discharge time. The anus is considered to burst when the stool turns out. Those who eat scaly foods are less infected. Fennel foods include vegetables, raw fruits, potato grams, embroidery etc.

They have no relation to drinking tea or alcohol. Due to frequent diarrhea or diarrhea, there is a possibility of becoming Fisher. Although it looks as if the anus is compressed further with a finger. Many patients, especially women, are seen to be from this type of disease due to the anesthesia of many people while giving suppuratriatic medicines in the anus.


The main symptoms of anal fissures are pain, burns and bleeding. Such pain is usually followed by discharge and can last for a few minutes to several hours or even throughout the day.

One type of 'pructalzia fugax' is also anal pain but it can not be done immediately after discharge, it can be any time of day. Complications of piles complications such as blood clotting, ulcer or gangrene, but many patients suffer from pain, but then the patient complains that there is a big gland in the anus.

If there is an infection of the infection, pain in the fistula or fistula and incurable cancer. In these cases, the history of the disease and the patient needs to be diagnosed with a physical examination.

Fisher patients often suffer from urinary problems. Many people complained that they have been suffering from urination for a long time. In this disease, women sometimes feel the pain of sexual intercourse.

Although patients realize that this problem has arisen due to constipation, patients do not want to go to the toilet due to pain. Thus, some patients go to the toilet once every 5-10 days. Once again, a patient who got stuck in the stool due to keeping the extra stool closed and the clothes were washed off. Then the patient said that I could not hold the stool.

Actually, it is not possible to do the right treatment at the right time.
The reasons for blood-
Piles usually do not cause pain. There may be pain when thrombosis or excessive lungs outside the piles. Patients think that blood only gets piles. But the correct information is that, the main symptoms of numerous diseases of the cervix are blood transfusion in the toilet.

The diseases that cause blood in the toilet include-
   •  Piles,
   •  Anflefisher,
   •  Polyps,
   •  Cancer,
   •  Fistula,
   •  Alzaryative colitis,
   •  Rectal Propolos.

Research on 29,635 patients who have suffered from problems of elderly and paediatrics for the past nine years have been found, among them,
   •18 percent of the piles,
   •2 percent thrombosed piles,
   •35 percent of the analfisar,
   •22percent of the piles, Fistula, the analfisar together,
   •15 percent Fistula,
   •2.55 percent of the cancer of the breast,
   •3.5 percent rectal polyps,
   •2 percent anal boils,
   •1.84% of unknown pain due to unknown,
   •6 percent of chronic dysentery (IBS), 0.5 percent due to unknown blood,
   •0.25 percent of unknown causes of anal itching.

As a result of this research we can see that pylose disease is not only disease but also many diseases, with 20% of patients suffering from piles.

It is very important to test the exam proktokapi and sighemadoscopy. Without an examination of the endoscope in the anus, it is not possible to diagnose the right disease without the test.

Many patients who have had a fistulate operation. The patient never gets blood. However, the cancer was detected in this test. Again it is seen that pylose operations have been carried out from different places in Bangladesh but piles have not been cured. It is found that there is cancer inside. The patient may have no symptoms but may have cancer.

He was not good There is no problem with her blood. His cancer was diagnosed by examining 
Sighemadoscopy as a routine checkup.

What is the PILS operation again?

Often we encounter a embarrassing problem. That is the honorable patients who ask that the pylose operation is done again, so what is the benefit of the operation? In one word it can not be answered.

Before answering this question to the patients, we need to review the history of medical science. Many of the rectum and rectum diseases were successful in the operation of the previous era. After the operation of the pylose or fistula, the rule was again.

In this context, if I give a quote from the American surgeon Prof. Dr. Marvell El Carman's textbook 'Colon and Rectal Surgery', it will be clear and it will be easier to understand the past context of such surgeries.
Professor Dr. Karman writes in his book that in the last two thousand years, numerous books and scientific publications on anal fistulas prove that it is a special problem and the reputation of the surgeon for the failure of the Fistula operation has not yet been done in any other operation.

For this reason, in 1835, Dr. Salmon established a separate hospital in the center of London, named after Saint Mark's Hospital for the Diseases of Colon and Rectom.

That The purpose of the hospital was to treat diseases of the large and the septic tissue and such specialist surgeons could be made. Such diseases would be treated as specialist by expertise so that they could get rid of the bad name again.

In medical science, which is called piles or haemorrhoid, it is possible to repeat after surgery, two percent. Most patients who complained about the piles have again said that it means to say that some of the excessive skin or mouthpick or itching has been found to be recovered.

These problems do not mean piles again. Ankle itching is just a sign of various diseases.
Piles can be again very low, even in 2% of cases. The need for detailed explanation to understand how this happens. There is a strategic cause for the operation behind this. During the operation, the veins that appeared to be normal may increase in the form of piles after several years due to an increase in ankle pressure or increased circulating blood.

Also, when the piles are too large, it seems that all the areas around the anus are filled with piles. When a surgeon thinks that all the spleen parts should be cut off, otherwise the piles will be left. If everything is cut off in this way, then the stomach will be constricted and it will be tied in the bowl.

In this case, the correct strategy is to save some membranes and skin in the middle of the two piles.
As the piles of the shells are spreading beneath it, the veins must be carefully cut down from the bottom of the membrane. By adopting this technique, pylaxis can be removed remotely, so it will be possible to preserve the membrane and skin between the two piles, so that the anus can not be constricted.

When the pylus occurs again in a few cases after the operation, their symptoms are not as intense as they are. It is possible to treat it in the ring ligation system without any operation. Normally the operation is not needed again.


The way to prevent this disease is to treat constipation and diarrhea in a timely manner,
  ▪not sitting in the toilet, reading paper / books,
  ▪eating fennel items such as fruits, vegetables, salad amounts,
  ▪drinking 6-8 grams of water daily,
  ▪not heavy weight Lack of extra time in extra heat, etc.

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