Children tonsill Causes of Children tonsill -symptoms and best treatment Tonsill   Tonsill and adenoid is a type of lymphagrant, which is pr...

Causes of Children tonsill -symptoms and best treatment

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Children tonsill

Causes of Children tonsill -symptoms and best treatment


Tonsill and adenoid is a type of lymphagrant, which is present in the mouth of breathing and diarrhea inside our throat.

Tonsil and adenoid work as a watchman at the entrance to the bath and digestive system. They destroy food and air pollutants and pathogens. They also play an important role in the prevention of diseases of the body.

Many children suffer from throat fatigue due to tonsil problems.

 Although tonsil problems are all age, tonsil infection is a little more common in children. Tonsil infection is called in tons of medical science, tonsillitis.

Tonsill and adenoid

Children are very active in the 4 to 10 years of age.
At this time, children are more prone to tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation. Adenoid is usually reduced in adolescence and later disappears. Children usually suffer from tonsillitis and adenoid inflammation, in addition to many complications due to the abnormal growth of tonsill. Therefore, they do not neglect tonsil and adenoid diseases. Should be promptly approached by the doctor.

Where are these tonsils?

Tonsil is the thing that can be seen on the two side of the throat wall behind the tongue. Tonsil looks like a muscle, but it is made of lymphatic or lymphoid tissue.

It also covers the membrane membrane. This tumor has been in the neck since birth. As a childhood, this tumor became larger in size. 

By the time of 5-6 years it reached the largest size, since then the tonsil gradually became smaller. It is called the mouthpiece police, because two tonsils are guarded by police on both sides of the face.

 This tumor prevents the germs from entering the bowel or stomach with mouth, throat, nose or sinus. Tonsil creates immunity in the body. 

But when this tonsil itself becomes ill, then it is treated as if it is necessary to remove it after surgery. Do not cause any harm to the body if you drop the tonsil by operation, because it is better not to keep any damaged things in the body.
Besides, there are many big organs in the body to create immunity, they will do this work. Tonsil does not have any special work to create disease prevention in older children.

Disease causes:

Due to poor health, malnutrition, allergy-related illness, tonsillitis can increase. Dementia, inflammation of the nose and sinusitis and very sensitive to cold play a significant role in the disease.

The disease is also a complex form of infection with viruses and various harmful bacteria. Usually, the disease is infected with children.

Apart from this, living in unhealthy environments and negligence of colds, influenza and respiratory diseases are also the reasons for this disease.

What is Tonsil Infusion?

Typically tonsils are usually infected with viral infection. The viruses responsible for colds and coughs do this work.

Apart from the bacteria caused by bacteria, especially the streptococcus bacteria, the tonsils of inflammation are produced.

Tonsile infection or tonsillitis can occur at any age. It can be seen more in childhood but it is also done for the elderly.

Symptoms of the disease:

▪ There is acute pain and swelling in the area.

▪ The child usually does not want to eat anything.

▪ The abnormal rise in temperature of the body is up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

▪ Feeling shaky, dizziness, headaches and pain throughout the body.

▪ Lymphagrant swelling and pain on the surface of the throat.

▪ Suicides, nausea, nasal disorder, mouth stench, eating-arthritis and swollen lymph glands are always swollen.

In addition, there are many symptoms for abnormal growth of tonsill and adenoid.
The most serious side of this disease is that if the obstruction of respiratory tract in these children is going on for a long time, they may lead to various diseases of the breathing and heart. For example, pulmonary hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac arrest can cause death in sleep.

Treatment :

Tonsil treatment depends on the causes. If the bacteria are due to the patient, then the patient has to give proper antibiotics.

In the early stages of the disease, avoid cold eating. Pregnancy and mouth care, living in a healthy environment, light exercise should be done. If not relieved then the doctor will advise on medicines.

When to do Tonsil operation?

The American experts are now in the position of Tonsil operation.

- If the tuskel suffers to breathe or sleep in the nose.

- If there is more difficulty in swallowing or eating.

- In addition, in one year, 5-7 times in a year for two years or two or more in two years in a year and three years after the infection of the tonsil is said to be the operation.

- Once the boil or powders are used in the pan.

- After 6 months of proper treatment, the disease does not cure.

Many people are afraid to talk about children's tonsil operations. Actually there is nothing to fear in the tunnel operation.

Many people ask if there will be any problem in the future if the operation? The answer is the operation to avoid the troubles of tonsil, and in the future it is necessary to protect the infection from Tonsil infection. So there is no problem in future to drop tonsill.

Complications from tonsilitis
Due to repeated tonsillal infections, infection is in the surrounding area of ​​tonsill, especially in the ventral tube, throat, sinus, median etc.

If the tonsil is too large, it is difficult to take a baby's food and breathe, call the baby nose. This effect of infant regular illness prevents child's physical and mental development.

Rheumatic fever or rheumatism is often responsible for the transmission of beta-haemolytic streptococcus bacterial Tonsill.
Therefore, proper treatment should be given to the child if he is infected with tonsill.

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