About Infertility men and women problems # Infertility infertility, woman - another name of the cursed life of men. Mom - Dad, who does not ...

About Infertility men and women problems

Infertility, problems, causes, symptoms, treatment

About Infertility men and women problems

# Infertility

infertility, woman - another name of the cursed life of men. Mom - Dad, who does not want to hear this post! 
But, despite the hardships, it is true that there are many women in our society, who are missing out on this mother-father's call, looking for different ways.

They came down in their turmoil, and came down quarrels. Go to different places in the hope of getting a baby, many listen to many things, making the matter more complicated by the treatment.

At first we have to determine the rug 'Find out why there is no child. Both husband and wife can have problems with their child.

These ideas are wrong in case of single problem alone. Our society has a strong belief that the child is not basically due to wife's problems.

Think of this as a totally wrong digital age. There is no right to do. Excellent facilities to test now in the modern era! What is a clear idea of ​​the matter!

# What is infertility? Let's take a closer look.

A - What is infertility?

When a capable couple fails to have a child, despite having intercourse for one year and beyond even after being together without using the birth control method, that couple is barren and this condition of the couple is called infertility or infertility.

B - What causes infertility in a happy married life?

Husband or wife - Infertility can be caused by prisons. It is also seen in some cases that infertility can be caused by both husband and wife. But the reason for male infertility is the same, but the reason for the infertility of women is another.

The reasons for men's infertility and the causes of menstruation are: -

▪ If sexually disabled If the sperm is low or sperm is low in sperm.

▪ If there is Azoospermia in this case.

▪ If the sperm is not dynamic at certain speeds,

▪ if the sperm is not normal, then due to sexually transmitted rage such as syphilis gonorrhea Age old

▪ If the way to exit the sperm is closed.

▪ Smoking, drinking alcohol Diabetes or thyroid problems.

▪ If there is excessive weight if excessive masturbation or excessive sleeping. It may be due to hereditary reasons.

# What are the causes of infertility in women?

Reasons for infertility is the problem of menstruation. If irregular menstrual period Again many people see that menstrual period is very severe in the abdomen, which is called Dysmenorrhoea.

• If the egg does not get out of the ovary.

• If the ovulation is closed (due to various reasons, for example - if infections caused by uterus).

• If tumors in the uterus are rusty, then it is damaged.

• If there is excess weight when diabetes is uncontrolled. Can be due to hereditary reasons.

According to scientific analysis, a person is about 500 million or fifty million days of sperm particles created. The amount of semen slipping every time there is a sperm count of 40 - 50 crores. If there is less than 20 million sperm in heroine, [20 million] male infertility occurs. That is, it can be assumed that males may be male or female in birth. And in the case of a woman is a little different.

For men, such as 40 to 50 crores of sperm are released, as well, only two eggs remain in the womb of the woman.
But for some reason if the woman's egg does not come to her or her presence, then she is the only female child. Birth failure failed and its worthlessness is infertility! Because we have to remember that the life of a sperm and a woman's ovum together are the result of life.

In our society there are many people currently in the habit of masturbating. Many bad pictures or friends are curious to develop this habit, they do not have children in their marriage.

See if a man meets his wife. The number of sperms in the form of Siemens, which is out of it, is 40-50 crores. But the result of Masturbation is the creation of Temporary Oligospermia Rage.

Temporary oligospermia decreases the number of sperm in Siemens. This results in male infertility. That is, the male becomes the child of childbirth.

And what is the remedy to prevent infertility in life?

A patient must remember that this matter is a sensational one. Without being disturbed by this problem, the expert must be consulted by a doctor and after completing all the tests, he has to take regular medicines. To follow the social behavior, and because of which the rages have taken place, they must stay away from those activities for a lifetime.

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