Acne Disease Symptoms and Remedies Modern medical treatment of acne problems The name of an unwanted problem of youth is acne . If there is ...

Acne Disease Best Symptoms and Quickly Remedies | 2019

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Acne Disease Symptoms and Remedies

Modern medical treatment of acne problems

The name of an unwanted problem of youth is acne. If there is an acne on a beautiful face, then either the boy or the girl, nobody feels comfortable.

▪It is more in age:
it is more than 13 to 18 years of age. But it can be seen from 20 to 30 years of age. It is less or more than 90 percent of teenage juvenile. It gradually decreases since the age of 20.

▪Where the body is:
Normally it is seen from the face like cheek, nose, throat, and forehead. But in the upper part of the body and in the upper part of the body it is seen from the horoscope.

▪Reasons for Acne:
Genetic Impact is one of the most important causes. Naturally, there is a bacterium at the base of the hair, which is named Propioni bacterium.
During adolescence, stimulation of abdominal cortex increases from Sebastian's blood.
The fatty acids created from this salmon are available at the beginning of the fur bacteria. As a result, the inflammation of the fur is caused by this fatty acid.

Along with this, the substance called keratin at the base of the hair is deposited. As a result, the Sebastian lymphocytes are closed, with the keratin, lipid and melanin content, which is seen as a black head or white head.

▪Eating with acne:
Many people think that eating oily foods means acne. The truth is not true. There is no connection to acne with any type of food.

▪Acne and Cream:
The creams that contain oily elements whose mouth is more acne should not be used in those creams. Remember that if the cream is oily, it can not be used for acne patients.

▪Medical procedures:
Considering the importance of the patient's acne, the treatment method is to be determined. It may be prescribed antibiotics or retinoid medicines to start with ointment.

▪Bacterial wastewater:
Tetracycline in antibiotics is used in acne treatment since 1851. Tetracycline prices are cheap, side effects are low and highly effective. This antibiotic suppresses the bacteria responsible for the formation of acne. However, the problem is that these antibiotics have to be eaten for a few months. No quicker improvement can be found.

Generally, improvements are noticed after 1 to 1 month after eating this medication. Another drug or antibiotic is minocycline. Monsocyclin is more effective than tetracycline. It has been found that 100 mg of mineral is more effective than 500 mg of tetracycline.

▪Doxycycline: -
Dxsyclyn is a great medicine used in acne treatment. If you can prevent bacteria by eating erythromycin, Doxysychlin is a very effective drug.

▪Erythromycin or Cleandamysin:
Erythromycin is used when pregnant women do not eat tetracycline. Cleandamisin is also an effective drug like other medicines.

▪Hormone Therapy:
Sebum secretion in women increases if the endogenous hormones are made from ovaries. In that case, low-dose birth control pills can be eaten and there should be non-endogenous processiones. However, such type of hormone treatment can not be taken without any medical advice.

Spironolactone-capable of reducing the production of anti-endogenic material such as Spironolacton Seb. As a result, it is an effective drug for female acne. However, it should not be eaten without any medical advice.

Isotretionin (Accutane) - The use of acne treatment vitamin 'A' as a result of isotrinsin discovery is now claiming a historic success. The use of any type of acne comes with its success. But due to high prices, it is not used in many cases. Women need great caution in using it. Because its side-effects can occur on the baby. So without the advice of the doctor it can not be used at all.

》Operation Method: Acne is the most effective method for acne scars, rotten acne, and all types of acne. This small operation is done with the help of two number blades of scalpel.

The latest and effective photon therapy in acne treatment:
Acne is an unwanted problem called adolescence and youth. The problem is seen in 13 to 18 years. However acne can occur for up to 30 years. During this treatment there were various types of antibiotic creams, vitamins, hormonal therapy etc.

Recently, in many centers of five continents across the world, hundreds of thousands of acne patients have been diagnosed with clinical stages, with the help of photon therapy or light, the treatment has been proven effective.

The world's first specialized medical device has been recognized by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe and effective treatment. Therapy is effective in any acne such as open or closed blockheads or comedons, inflammatory acne, pancreatic acne, and even acne-shaped acne.

▪How photon therapy works: It works in two waves of light ø. One is the 415 nanometer blue violet light, and the other is 660 or 633 nanometers in red light. The first is to remove the inflammatory acne that is infected with proponiobacterium eoni.

▪Why it is the best treatment:
It has been proven to be 3 times more effective in clinical trials than with the use of conventional medicines or creams. However, it can be treated with the addition of salicylic acid. In four weeks of treatment, there is a total of eight or twelve therapeutic patients. For 27% of patients, it is seen that, after 4 weeks, they started getting the desired results. In 55% of the cases, acne is cleansed within 7 weeks of treatment. The rest 16% of patients may take 12 weeks to recover. There is no pain in this treatment, the patient does not have to stay in the hospital, no cuts or skin tear needs to be broken.

When can not be
(1) There is a problem with the patient's metabolism, which increases the skin rash in contact with light.
(2) If the light sensitive skin is in the sky.
(3) If the kidney is severely ill.
(4) cancer on the skin and
(5) Immune system diseases are SLE.

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