Gout & Arthritis pain-causes, symptoms and best treatment Gout is a type of syndrome or a subset of many symptoms, where monosodium urat...

Gout & Arthritis Pain - causes, Symptoms and best treatment

Gout, Arthritis pain, syndrome, symptoms , causes, treatment

Gout & Arthritis pain-causes, symptoms and best treatment

Gout is a type of syndrome or a subset of many symptoms, where monosodium urate creates a type of syndrome called the monohidect crystal and inflammation in the surrounding tissue. People from Prehistory are familiar with Gout. Egyptians first identified this disease in 2640 BC. And in the 5th century BC, hypochitus describes this disease. 
"The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Division of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University has detailed information about the causes and remedies of this disease. Mohammad Israt Hasan"

Who is more of this disease:

1. Men are more than five times higher than women.

2. The rich are more wealthy than the poor.

3. Those who eat protein rich foods like fish, meat, eggs, etc., this disease is more.


1. Types of living,

2. Excess body weight,

3. Protein-rich foods like fish, meat (poultry, sheep, pigeons, khasi etc.), eggs, beans, beans, liver etc.,

4. Excessive exercise,

5. Excessive drinking;

6. Genetic cause-
        A. Inherited isolated renal 
        tubular deflation,
        B. Specific Enzymes Problems;

7. Some diseases, such as 
     a. Renal Féliore, 
     b. Polycythmia, 
     c. High blood pressure, 
     d. Lad Poisoning, 
     e. Hemolytic anemia;

8. Some medicines, such as 
      A. Diyutic, 
      b. Some medicines used in the 
      treatment of cancer.


• The thighs of the thighs of the feet become red,
• The patient will talk about the worst and painful pain in his life,
• Knees, shoulders, elbows or any other joints will swell,
• Bone and cartilage will continue to erode,
• Monosodium urate monohide crystal jam tofai will be made,
• Gradually losing the normal performance of the joint.


Knowing the history of the disease, the patient is given some physical examination and some lab tests can be easily diagnosed by this disease. In laboratory tests, it is very important to identify some routine blood tests, uric acid levels in the blood, and monoodidium urate monohidect crystal by cyanovial fluid analysis. Apart from this, the joint joint X-ray also needs to be done.


1. First aid-

A. The affected joints have to be frozen and put in rest,
B. Pediatric Drugs - Indomethasin, Naphxen, Iibuprofen, Diclofenac etc.,
C. Kalkisin,
D Glucocorticoid intra-articular and systemic steroids,
E. Joint Aspiration
F. Inflamation and interleukin-1;

2. Long-Term Care-

      A. If the weight is high then it will be reduced.
      B. If you have a habit of eating alcohol,
      C. Protein-rich foods such as fish, meat (poultry, sheep, pigeons, khasi etc.), eggs, beans, lentils, etc. should be reduced to as much as possible,
      D. If you use diurectic drugs, you should avoid it,
      E. Due to the diseases that are due to gout, proper treatment should be done,
      F. Alpirenol is usually used for long-term treatment in medicine,
      G. Apart from this, the uricous agent provbanside is used to reduce the urinary acid levels of blood;

3. Rehabilitation-

A. Occupational Therapy,
B. For those who have a finger, wrist or joint joints, different types of adaptive equipment such as jar opener, thick handles, utensils, elastic sho-lace etc. may be needed to reduce the pressure on the affected joint,
C. ADL Joint Protection and Energy Conservation Training;

4. Physical Therapy-

A. Range of Motion, Stretching and Strengthening Exercise,
B. Gate training,
C. Economics,
D Modification,
E. Use fine quality shoes with cushion.

Counsel for rheumatoid arthritis patients

* Dieting to eat, do not give up completely. Drinking plenty of regular water, so that the kidneys are normal. Regular exercise can be used to survive this gout.

* Avoid excess oil-spiced and highly protein foods.

* There should be no long-term fasting for weight loss or any other reason.

Every day, you need to drink plenty of water. This advice is not for those who are suffering from heart or kidney disease.

* Be careful about eating and drinking. The foods that increase fat or weight in the body will be completely eliminated.

* Red meat means to avoid red meat, dried beans, beans, ribs, red pearls and sea food.

* Regular exercise should be done.

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