What is paralysis?   It is called paralysis when either body or part of the organs or half of the body or nerves of the nerves, or the pow...

How to Paralysis in Our Body Symptoms and best Treatment

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What is paralysis? 

It is called paralysis when either body or part of the organs or half of the body or nerves of the nerves, or the power of both the strength or the power of one's power disappears. The muscles of the body are weak and loose, muscular, dry, compressed, elastic, no-brained and power-efficient.

What is the Reason?

▪ This disease is due to the inflammation of the brain, spine and nerves.

▪ Any major nerve or nerve hitting can be said to be the main cause of paralysis.

▪ In the brain, there is paralysis or paralysis due to slight bleeding, brain softness or rigidity, marijuana inflammation or dryness, urinary tract sickness, chronic pandemic, epilepsy, hysteria, diphtheria, arthritis etc.

▪ It appears to be produced by consuming any toxic products. The presence of poisonous blood in the blood prevents the transfer of the nerve. Although the use of poisonous nerves is paralyzed. For example, parasite is produced in the use of arsenic and mercury in the form of painter and Compositor's toe patch.

▪ It is difficult to determine the special circumstances of the child, yet it is a stimulating cause for dentistry, spinal cord, moisture or coldness. It is caused by nerve contamination due to facial paralysis, nerve injuries, or on its strong root tissue or injury or brain distortion.

▪ Also, grief, sorrow, emotional thinking, excessive concentration, excessive alcoholism are major causes. It is one of the reasons for sunburn or injury to the head.

In the remote prolonged province of any nerve, its barrier can produce paralysis by presenting it in the pelvic or brain. This is called Replace Cose. The attack of paralysis suddenly happens, but this pain may be gradually produced. Paralagata can not be described as a specific place disorder. Indeed, paralysis can be caused by the degradation or destruction of the function of the nervous system, so they can be split into two primary and secondary regions.

》This pain begins at first hand and firstly the thorax muscles are attacked.

》The embryo, arms or muscles of the hand may also be attacked first. This attack spreads to all the patients in the sequence.

》The main signs of grief, pulsation, vibration and pain can be noticed, weaknesses and laziness in the body, it can be considered as long as the disorder is in the hands, but the probability of special fear when all muscles are affected.

》Speaking of sound and speech is particularly scary when it comes to speech, but this disorder is often seen to be intensely penetrated by intense intensity and physical well-being.

》The vibrating muscles in the pulse feel like lightning. The place where the affected area is cold and tidy, it seems to reduce the tension and the ant.

》Lowering the blood circulation process in a little vibrated or thrown and later in the affected area, the muscles become dry and reduce the power of touch and circulation.

Sometimes the infected organs are completely uncomfortable. Occasionally paralysis is seen in both spatial and inclusive cases. Men are more susceptible to this disease than men. Many people interpret it as a hereditary (ancestral), and people of the same family may be affected by this disorder.

Half paralysis:
▪ In general, the hand, legs, muscles and tongue muscles are affected.

▪ The left organs are usually more likely to get infected than the other.

▪ If the gullet relaxes, the mouth gets upside down on the corner.

▪ If you find out the jihba, it is bent towards the affected. The power of speech and power is disrupted.

▪ Due to tiredness and pain due to the slightest pain and pain and eyes.

▪ The hands and feet became increasingly dry.

All paralysis:
▪ Feeling of fluid and hand-foot and physical weakness. That is why the characters are wrong to write.

▪ The tongue and the lips shake, the tongue goes out, and lets say in between.

▪ Wither, stuttering, trembling, trembling in body parts, trembling in order to move and legs can not stay.

▪ Hand trembling while writing. The nerves are weak, the eyes are narrow, they are somewhat broad and incomplete, one big and one small.

▪ Extremely abstinence, sometimes hand-footed sorrow, sometimes constipation due to lower abdominalities, patients unable to speak, friction on their teeth. Standing or being unable to walk.

Normally, three conditions of this disease are observed

1. First condition:
When the disease begins, it can be seen that the patient can not decide on any issue, the disorder of mental disorders occurs.

His man-made activities have also diminished. As a result, the retention, judiciary, intellectuals, even the principles of morality, vanquished, and believed that he would inherit huge property.

2. Second position:
In this situation, symptoms of paralysis have all been revealed. The vibrations of the handpieces, the vibrations of the face, the burning of the tongue, the thickness of the sentence, etc. Writing hands, some words or letters fall, even if you talk, some things are dropped or dropped.

The weakness of the mind, signs of epileptic seizures from time to time, are unable to recite some words such as P, F, B, V, or in the form of reversal formulation of an intersection or similar consonant. In this situation, some patients were stopped completely.

3. Third position:
It can also be said that the condition of the patient's physical and mental condition continues to get worse. The feeling is not strong, the patient can not continue, the words also become obscure, the mental energy disappears, the epilepsy or the monk can occur, in the first case, false faith gets stronger;

Those who have never seen bacterial intelligence in their state of being in a state of dementia, their whole membrane (infant mental incapacity) or intestines are present in this condition. Patients become bedridden, blood donors appear naturally. If the treatment is not done then the patient eventually dies.

Medical treatment:

>> With the paralysis, the patient will be admitted to a hospital with intensive care center (ICU), heart disease, coronary care unit (CCU) facility. With proper treatment of bleeding, high blood pressure or diabetes, the patient will have to give intensive physiotherapy. 

Most of the bleeding patients in the brain are affected by respiratory problems. So start with respiratory physiotherapy. The physically addictive parts of physiotherapy should be started immediately.

>> How long will the physiotherapy take
The paralyzed person or his relatives have the first question, how long will the physiotherapy take? Answering this is not really easy. That's how the patient was affected in that case.

However, it has to be in the rehabilitation process for several months to several years. With the gradual improvement, the specialist will decide what kind of physiotherapy is needed. It is important to note that the goodwill and co-operation of patients and their relatives is very much needed for the recovery of paralyzed people. Suddenly
It is unlikely that such a patient will be cured. So long-term physiotherapy and other treatments should be continued together.

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