All cause of chest pain symptoms and best treatment        Chest pain is a very complicated problem for which a person has to go to the hosp...

All Cause of Chest Pain: Symptoms and best Treatment |Chest problem

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All cause of chest pain symptoms and best treatment

       Chest pain is a very complicated problem for which a person has to go to the hospital's emergency department.
There are many chest pain for various reasons.
First you will see chest pain due to injuries due to injuries. If there is a pain in the chest due to an injury, then it should be sure that due to cardiovascular disease, there is a pain in the chest for any other reason.
For this reason, it is possible to know the detailed history of the disease from the patient, and then after examining the physical and laboratory, it is possible to treat most of the chest pain best after diagnosing the correct diagnosis.

At first place,

• Middle of the chest

Left or right side

What cases of chest pain?

   The nature of the chest in chest-

   •Stress pressure hurts
    It seems that the stones are in the                middle of the chest.
   •Painful or uncomfortable causes such        as cardiovascular causes.
   •Severe pain
    It feels like hurting with a knife.
   •Burn hurts
   •Severe pain as well as breathing.

Causes of lungs such as:

   •Pulmonary ambulance
   •Heart attack
   •Suddenly, severe ache pain hurts from        the front of the chest to the back.

chest pain (symptom):

▪ If you work
Do not worry
In the cold weather syndrome actually
Looks at nightmares.

▪ But if you take a rest, it is suspected that heart disease is reduced if nitrate is given below the tongue.

▪ After bedtime, during bedtime, hot food, drinking alcohol, and in the stomach stomach, if the pain increases, the antacid reduces the use of the national medicines, because the food outlet is known.

▪ Cardiovascular disease, pulmonary ambulance, pneumonia pneumothorax is suspected to cause respiratory distress.

▪After a short period of time starting pain, pain may take place, if there is a reduction in pain due to pain medicines, it is suspected that there is a reason for mypes pregnancy.

▪ Pain in the body, breathing difficulties, pain in other parts of the body, sudden headache increases, chest pain increases, chest pain starts when you hear news of any death, if you suffer from chest pain, it is susceptible to mental illness.

▪ There may be chest pain associated with stomach pains such as when stones are in the gallbladder.

Because of the reasons why the chest in the patient, the patient must be in the care of the doctor and some important tests, such as chest examination, have to be diagnosed and diagnosed and diagnosed with the right treatment, most of the patients are cured.

Many times it is possible to diagnose disease quickly and proper treatment is possible. It is also possible to treat chest pains even with the correct advice in case patients do not get the cause of all the tests.

Gastric intestines and pain due to gas:


•Smelling or odorless rubbing
•Stomach up
•Due to abdominal abdomen or abdominal pain.

chest pain treatment:

》To avoid gas pain, you can eat tea with pypermint, kamomile or finals.

》If you feel the pressure of gas emissions, do not keep it off, if necessary leave the room out of the room.

》If your pain becomes intense due to gas in the abdomen, it can be easy to match the chest in the legs, lying in the chest and take it for some time, it is easy to get out of the stomach gas through this exercise.

When to call a doctor?

- If the stomach is due to gas from the stomach, starting from your navel and moving to the bottom right side of the abdomen, it may be the ependictic symptom.

- If you have been in your stomach continuously for more than three days.

- If there is a severe and sudden pain in your abdomen during your emissions or when you leave your stomach, it may be a sign of IBS or irritative Bowl syndrome.

- If you grow gas often in your stomach, and if your weight decreases, and if the color of your mull is faded and the stench is involved, you may be suffering from indigestion problems.

(Malabsorption disorder or digestive disorders of digestive substances)

home remedies for chest pain:

From severe gas and gas related pain, you can get rid of just changing your diet list.

Remember that although high-fiber foods form gas, these foods are again essential food for a healthy diet list. You can try the following changes in food list for fruits and vegetables and biscuits and whole grains, which do not exclude them, rather than gas in the stomach:

     1. Buy dried bean seeds. Soak them in the water all night. Now pour water to clean the beans with clean water. Make sure the bees are boiled perfectly.

    2. Drink plenty of water or drink, which is used to sweeten the food or snacks, which are used in the pancreas (fruit sugar) or sarbital (creamy sugar), are responsible for stomach discomfort.

    3. Eat slowly, chew the food completely, and stop eating more. (Remember that this feeling takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fill the stomach.)

    4. Develop the habit of running light after eating. Medium-type body exercises increase digestion and helps in faster emissions of gas.

    5. Leave the practice of drinking carbonated beverages (such as Coca Cola, Pepsi etc), chewing gum, and stools. All of them increase the amount of gas in your stomach.

We hope this articale helped you know about chest pain. ⇚

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