9 Types of eyes problems and that cases blindness         Different problems in eyes Eye is a sensitive sensitive organ, which helps me see ...

9 Types Of Eyes Problems That Cases Blindness

9 Types of eyes problems and that cases blindness

       Different problems in eyes

Eye is a sensitive sensitive organ, which helps me see this beautiful world, enjoy its appearance. The greatest damnation of man's life is not seen in sight. A statistic shows that about 18 lakh people in Bangladesh are blind, whose main causes are described below -
                       1. Cataract

The transparent lens behind the eye cornea and ireis is apocalyptic due to aging and other reasons. Being transparent in this transparent lens is called cataract disease. For all the reasons that cataracts are due to the eyes-

1. Due to age

2. The injury is due to the losses

3. Due to Diabetes Disease

4. UVITs (due to disease

5. Due to uncontrolled steroid use.

Slowly disappearing vision, changing glasses, showing rainbow in the light of the light, seeing one thing two or more, sight spots in sight, dark eyes, etc. may be symptoms of cataract disease.

Old cataracts may also cause pain in the eye. Cimmune diseases can be cured due to catarrh disease. Cataract is not a remedy for any medicines. Cataract treatment is to be done through surgery.

       2. Vision energy problems

(A) Presbyopia

It is not an eye disease. In forty or more busses, the structure of the eye changes due to the presence of the buses. The elasticity of the eye lens decreases. As a result, the ability to change the size of the lens decreases and shows the blurred thing near that age.

(B) Myopia:

These patients are seen to be far away from the blurred vision, but they are called viscosity. It is possible to solve the problem after wearing a concave lens or a minus power glasses. People who have eye-lens power more than six diaphrasic lenses and when they get older, they are called pathological myopia.

In that case, the eye walls or skins become thinner and the holes in the retina can occur and subsequent retina separation can cause irreparable damage. Because of the size of the eye in Mayopia, the eyes wall becomes thin.

There may be many problems arising due to a slight injury. Therefore, menopause patients should always be cautious about eye catching and regularly examining eye examinations and routine inspections by doctors at regular consultation.

(C) Acetagmatism

It is a kind of vision shortness, so that the vision disappears on the one side of the patient's side (long side, width or angle), because of which vision can be seen and the headaches are two things visible. The cylinder lenses are used to solve this problem.

           3. Netrilal inflammation

This is a very common disease in our country. It always gets water from the eyes and pressing the coconut corners causes bad smell.

Due to frequent obstruction of the tissue, the tissue that is stored in the swelling swelling and bacterial infection causes inflammation. In antibiotic treatment, this disease is temporal but it is likely to be repeated.

In this case, the nerve connectivity with the netralalis was established through DCR operation. It stopped reading the patient's water.

                  4. Conjunctivitis
A eye with conjunctivitis, eyes disease , eyes problems

It is a very infectious disease, so that the eyes become red, swelling and redness in the eyes. One can spread from one to the other. It can cause viral disease in the next bacterial infection.

Using sunglasses in the sun, giving frequent antibiotic drops to the doctor's advice and eye care does not prolong the disease. It should be remembered that sometimes with this disease there may be inflammation of the eyes or the black king. In that case, there may be pain and pain, but in spite of regular consultation with eye doctor should not be used in the eyes.

        5. Corneal ulcer or eye wheezing

A eye with corneal ulcer, eyes problems, blindness
The main cause of blindness in the country is due to various causes of blindness or ulcerative colitis in the country. The cause of the injury is the main reason.

Usually in the rice harvesting season there is a sharp injury in the cornea after the eyes have a sharp sharpening of rice. In addition to the lack of vitamins "A" due to malnutrition in children, the black king of the eye first dried up and later became ulcer. 
This is one of the reasons for the blindness of children in our country. There may also be ulcers or lesions in direct infection of the germ in your eyes for some reason.

                     6. Glucoma

Closure glucoma ,eyes disease

It is a disease of the eye that increases the eyesight, and the nerves of the back becomes void and gradually the eyes turn away. Glaucoma is one of the main causes of uncertain blindness in Bangladesh or the world.

This disease can occur at any age. When born with a very large eye and high eye, it is called congenital glucoma or hypertension.

In young age, it may be called Juvenile Glucoma. Most glucoma diseases are after 40 years. Their primary glucoma is called.

Glaucoma may be due to changes in the structure of the older eye, birth defect, injury, eyes redness, diabetes mellitus, uncontrolled steroid or hormone therapy, cataracts, etc.

Patients can come to the doctor with various symptoms. Sudden abnormal pain in one eye, loss of vision, severe headache and nausea can occur.

Again, the feeling of light eyes and headaches (especially in low light) and intra-vision can reduce energy. On the other hand, patients may come to the doctor even after changing the eyesight of both eyes, and changing the glasses.

Sometimes, blacks on one side of the misery, cataracts, red eyes, etc. may be the symptoms of this disease. Cervical large eyes, eyes from eyes to eyes, and eyes closed in light can be signs of birth glucoma. Normal eye pressure (10-21) mm Mercury If there is abnormal eye pressure, diagnosis of glucoma through all the tests, quick treatment.

                        7. UVitis
UVitis pic of eyes problems

To control eye nutrition, there is a layer or layer full of vascular, which is called UVA or vasculular coat. This vascular coat inflammation is called uveitis. This disease can be due to eye irritation, microbial infection, connective tissue or joint disease. 

Pain in the eye, eyes become red, unable to go to light, headache, blurred vision, etc. may be symptoms of this disease. Diseases of the disease are very common in the children's diagnosis of symptoms, which are very late.

This disease may also be present in conjunction with connective tissue diseases, arthritis, lung disease, kidney disease, and sexually transmitted diseases.

If the treatment is not done on time, eyes can become blind due to cataract disease, eye-related diseases (glucoma), retinal disease etc. due to this disease. With the advice of doctors, this disease requires urgent medical attention.

The most important medication is using homatropin or atropine eyedrop, which can reduce pain and inflammation two or three times. Steroids and antibiotic drops can be used in the symptoms and presentations of the disease.

Of course, other diseases of the body (with which there is a relation of IVV) are to be treated. If necessary, you should consult the specialist for the disease of medicine. Remember, this disease is very good in accelerated treatment.

Due to the use of atropine eyadrop, the patient may see temporary blurring, but later it is cured. Without a doctor's advice, no medication can be given or stopped, the disease can have a complex shape.

                      8. Eye tera
Eye tera, eyes redness

Eye muscles help the eyes position on a particular side. With the help of muscles, we can move the eye around. For some reason, when the muscles become weak, they are curved upside down. This is called terra eyes.

Due to muscular disorders, neurosurgery, injury, etc., eyes can be seen. Eyesight can be seen in children's eyesight, and eyesight may be sightless and lazy eyes to be seen.

One thing can be two signs of sight, sight, headache, etc.. Initially, eyes sometimes appear but slowly it takes a permanent shape.

It is important to find out the reasons and types of treatment. Speedy medical care is important for children. Many eyeglasses of children can be straightened out of eyesight by wearing eyeglasses. 

Some eyes can be started in the eyes of the eye with a scratchy eye. In the case of perspective, in many cases the operation of bended eyes is chosen as a treatment. Eyelashes can be seen in children in the early stages of retinblastoma. It is a good idea to have regular eye-doctor consultation and eye examinations.

         9. Oculopharyngeal disease
Eyes disease, eye-related

(A) Bloheritis:

It is an eyebrow or hair follicle in the eyelid. Eyes closed in the light, swallowing in the eye, etc. may also be felt. With the advice of the doctor, it is possible to prevent frequent intercourse of the eye (such as clearing the hair of the head's hair) and medicines.

(B) Tocis:

It is the disease of eye muscles. It dropped down the eyes in the eye. This disease can be due to injury, neural weakness, old age. If the problem is too much, it is possible to treat it in some cases through surgery.

(C) Cheeker Anjali:

It is located at the beginning of the hair follicle, The swelling of the protein in the form of swelling swelling through the infection. It causes acute pain in the eyes and the hair starts swelling. In the advice of the doctor, it is better to use hot sauce and medicines. Barbeers should be tested on their diabetes blood glucose levels.

(D) Meva:

Swelling like painless tumor inside the eyelids. It is the long-term inflammation of the albumin glands located inside the eyelid. It can be done through operation. May be repeated due to lack of vision. In that case, the eyeglasses can be given if there is vision test and lack.

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