Suddenly Heart Palpitation causes and how to stop About Heart Palpitation Our heart works irresistibly from birth to death. The corpulent bl...

Suddenly Heart Palpitation Causes And How to Stop

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Suddenly Heart Palpitation causes and how to stop

About Heart Palpitation

Our heart works irresistibly from birth to death. The corpulent blood containing carbon dioxide is deposited on the right side of the heart and goes left to the lungs to become pure. This pure blood rich in oxygen flows all over the body with aorta.

The continuous contraction and expansion of human heart is the world's best rhythmic dance that gives life the speed. Let's live another name. We generally do not feel that this is the contraction and expansion of human motivation.

The heart gets compressed and stretched between 60 and 100 times in a minute, which is more commonly known as Palpitation. When a heartbeat is felt, it is called pulpitation. A fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat is what can be said to be the pulpitation. 43% of polypatias are due to heart problems, 31% due to mental illness, 10% for various reasons and 16% for unknown reasons.

It's hard to find people who do not feel pampered or chewed or cheated in the chest Pulpitation can be due to thousands of complex problems such as general tension or extra tea / coffee from lung cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the cause of treatment. If you start treatment by searching for a reason, you can save time, money and time along with a quick recovery.

Causes of Palpitation:

1. Palpitation
2. Excitement
3. Anxiety
4. fear
5. Less rest / sleep
6. Get extra tea / coffee
7. Smoking, drinking
8. Before participating in any examination
9. Extra work
10. Fever
11. Anemia
12. Wateriness
13. Irregular heartbeat
14. Heart Disease Errors (ASD; VSD)
15. Heart problems of the heart
16. Rapture
17. High blood pressure
18. Ischemic heart disease
19. Heart fever
20. Diabetes
21. COPD, asthma
22. Thyroid disease
23. Kidney disease
24 Phiocramocytoma
25. Lung cancer
26. Any complicated disease
27. Side effects of medication
28. Unknown cause.

When is medical emergency:

Palliations do not necessarily require medical attention. If you have problems with palpitation , you need fast and urgent treatment-

1. Chest pain or shortness of breath
2. Become unconscious
3. Almost time headaches
4. The head is light
5. Dizziness
6. Suddenly sweating.

Our Risk:

Chest pain / shortness of breath
To be unconscious or
It's almost time to headache or
Head light / stand or
Suddenly sweating


The doctor prescribes necessary examinations considering the characteristics of polypitation, stability, past / present presence of any other disease, physical examination. 

Generally the tests that are required-

1. ECG
2. Blood CBC
3. The amount of glucose in the blood
4. Serum creatine levels
5. Routine urine test
6. Chest X-ray
7. Thyroid test
8. Echocardiography

On the basis of the results of these primary examinations, the doctors can request other examinations. Such as halt monitoring, VMA, abdominal ultrasonogram, CAG, Citcin etc.


Two chapters of Palpitation treatment-

1. Wellness assurance and

2. Treatment of causes

As well as ensuring the well-being, treatment requirements for polypitalation are needed. In addition to using regular medicines under the doctor's supervision, try to live according to the advice.

How to stop  if you have Palpitation:

1. Reduce tea / coffee drinks

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Work with structural and practical plans

4. Do regular exercises.

5. Record the nature of polyposition, durability and dimension. Show this record to your doctor.

6. If you are in danger with polypatiation, consult a doctor quickly.

7. If you know the cause of Palpitation, avoid it and treat it.

8. Slowly, work on time as planned.

9. Do more than one work together.

10. Do all the work continuously.

11. Exclude additional competitive lives.

12. No need to memorize any trouble, write down the necessary information.

Last word:

People's life span is limited. There is no chance to live forever on earth. There is no chance of correcting the actions of the past. Life is one. So planning, doing consistently, keep the head cool and do all the work on time. If there is any physical / emotional problem, then try to live a normal life with the advice of Chikitsak and self-effort. In this way, you can enjoy a happy life away from thinking. Whether our life is palpitation free.

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