One of the important things to know about "antibiotics" What is an antibiotic? Antibiotics are medications that destroy bacteria, ...

Important Things to Know About 'Antibiotics'|2019

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One of the important things to know about "antibiotics"

What is an antibiotic?

Antibiotics are medications that destroy bacteria, fungi or parasites or destroy their toxins. Antibiotics are a widely used drug in many bacterial diseases.

What is antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic resistance refers to the deterioration of the effectiveness of antibiotics, that is, if the antibacterial resistance was developed against a drug that was once susceptible (meaning that the drug could kill the bacterial toxins), but it could not cure the virus.

That is, the qualities that are supposed to be medicated for a particular germ are fine and have been preserved properly but after all, it can no longer work against that germ!

If a germ becomes antimicrobial resistant, then it is simply called becoming a drug resistant. This means, then, that no common medicine can work on that germ. Now, naturally, the question will arise why become a registrant.

When an antibiotic enters our body, various germs or viruses produce antibodies against it, meaning that the germs develop immune system against antibiotics. As a result, they stop working temporarily and our bodies begin to recover. But germs or viruses still remain in the body through antibodies.

Now if we stop eating antibiotics in that state, then the germs will return to their previous state and cause disease again. But the problem is if you now eat that antibiotic again, it will not work anymore.

Do you know the reason? That is why the previous antibodies remain in your body. Then the germs develop resistance against antibiotics from the very beginning, then antibiotics of that group no longer work. Even those antibiotics will never work in your body again. So what we should do is to complete the entire course whenever antibiotics are given.

Do you know what harm will happen if these germs become drug resistant?

1) Commonly used antibiotics will no longer work on them.

2) New drugs have to be developed which are a long-term process and a threat to the entire medical field.

3) Treatment will be expensive and complicated, in many cases beyond the reach of the general public.

4) The treatment will not be effective, the patient can be infected for a long time and can easily infect others.

5) Big surgeries, organ transplants that are now effortless, will become complicated and risky.

Causes of antibiotic efficacy:

▪Because of antibiotics when needed without the doctors advice.

▪ Use of antibiotics when it is not right ie without proper dosage or use of proper antibiotics or use of antibiotics even when not needed. Then the bacterium will bring some such mutations against the antibiotic, so that antibiotic is no longer effective.

▪Now the question may be, will the changes in the germ of one or a persons body, will all that germ in one area change? How is it? The answer is that the change will come about.

▪Because the bacterium is resistant to changes in its genetic code, the germ can spread this genetic code among other germs or spread an extra genetic code in the environment.

What to do:

As suggested by WHO-

- Use antibiotics at the dose and time prescribed by your doctor.

- Ask the doctor which antibiotic is given.

- Antibiotics are not required in the treatment of colds and coughs and diarrhea, for which liquid drinks and rest are sufficient.

- Antibiotics given for illness in the past cannot be used again without the advice of a physician.

Possible side effects:

DiarrheaDid you know that taking antibiotics can cause you to have diarrhea? There are both good and bad bacteria in our body system. Antibiotics not only destroy bad bacteria but also harm some good bacteria, and antibiotic-related diarrhea occurs when the balance of good and bad bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract is disrupted.

NauseaThis side effect is commonly seen in all medications. So eat less medicine from now on. Of course, complex illness is different. But its not okay to be overly busy with a little sickness.

In that case, eating habits or lifestyle changes can make you healthy.

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